New Books!

So my list of new books is huge this week, but only because my library was having a major book sale: $1 a bag, for as many books as you can cram in. How amazing is that?! Needless to say, I had fun. Here are my newly acquired titles:

  • The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek (Evelyn Lampman)
  • The Shy Stegosaurus of Indian Springs (Evelyn Lampman)
  • The Garden Party (Katherine Mansfield)
  • The Grand Sophy (Georgette Heyer)
  • Cabbages and Kings (O.Henry)
  • Her Father's Daughter (Gene Stratton-Porter)
  • Free River (Myna Lockwood)
  • Names on the Land (George R Stewart)
  • Living Biographies of Famous Novelists (c. 1943)
  • Complete Works of James Whitcomb Riley, vol. VI
  • Children's Books too Good to Miss (1966 edition)
  • Men of Albemarle (Inglis Fletcher -- 1st edition!)
  • Dawn's Early Light (Elyswth Thane - Williamsburg series)
  • Yankee Stranger (Elyswth Thane - Williamsburg series) 
  • Ever After (Elyswth Thane - Williamsburg series) 
  • Light Heart (Elyswth Thane - Williamsburg series) 
  • Homing (Elyswth Thane - Williamsburg series) 
  • The Lost General (Elyswth Thane)
  • From This Day Forward (Elswyth Thane)
I also received another won-book: Ice Land (Betsy Tobin)

The Thane books -- I saw Ever After and was caught by the title. Picked it up on a whim, because at 10-cents a piece, it's okay to take the gamble. Then I realized there were several other titles by the same author, and snagged them too. Last night, while on Goodreads.com I learned that there actually IS a Williamsburg series (following a couple families through generations - I think very similarly to Eugenia Price's books), and I had managed to find the first 4 and 7th titles in the series. Just need to find the 'missing' 2, and I'll have a complete set! Wowzers. Hope they're as good as they look to be. The other two Thane titles are stand alones, best I can tell.

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