Unbreak my Heart

Unbreak my Heart
Melissa Walker
Bloomsbury, 2012

Clem Williams used to love sailing with her family. She used to love a lot of things. And then sophomore year happened, and Clem's not sure she - or her heart - will ever be the same again. Her parents have decided that a summer on the sailboat will be good for Clem, especially if she'll just open up and let people know what's going on, so school ends and on to the boat Clem goes. Unhappily, but even close-quartered family time beats staying at home dealing with the aftermath. And, bonus: No boys on the water.

The summer is barely underway before Clem realizes how wrong she was. Not only is all the family time really hard for her to handle, there is a boy on the water. A cute boy. With a great, sunny personality. Who seems to like her - because he doesn't know what she is. A boy named James, who is on the river with his father, traveling the same lazy sail that Clem's family is. Cue disaster. Or not. James's cheerful persistence, without being pushy, and the sometimes tough love of her family, help Clem start to strip away the layers and look back at what happened - even sharing the heartbreak with everyone. It hurts, but it helps, and Clem begins to start putting pieces of herself back together again. Because when you're sixteen, summer is the perfect time to "unbreak" your heart. Distance allows clarity, and tough, persistent love - with a dash of careful charm - is the perfect remedy. Especially as you realize that maybe, just maybe, your heart's not the only one that got busted.

Clem's story tugged on my heart and had me devouring the read. There was just enough 'mystery' to it to keep me guessing, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. We're told the whole story in a sort of flashback process: with Clem slowly remembering and reliving the events of the previous school year. It helps build a sense of empathy for her struggle, because in her misery she's a bit of a brat at times. I loved James, and the added depth to his story as well. The whole concept of a summer sailing a river is a foreign one to me, but works as the perfect backdrop for Clem's story. (Plus, that cover. So gorgeous!)

eARC provided by publisher for review.


Mirror, Mirror (DVD)

Mirror, Mirror
Relativity Media, 2012
Starring: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer

When I first saw the trailer for this, I knew I had to see it for the costumes alone. So. Much. Awesome! Then I started hearing people talk about the movie itself, and had a feeling I was really going to enjoy this. I was so right. Mirror, Mirror takes the Snow White story and gives it a fun flip. (And the costumes, my gosh, the costumes!)

The story is similar to the traditional tale: Evil Queen/Stepmother is jealous of Snow White's beauty and wants to be the most beautiful woman in the land. Tries to kill stepdaughter, fails. Has a hissy fit. Etc. But the fun twist is that the Queen is hard-up for cash, and trying to net a rich (and hott) new hubby. Enter Prince Alcott. There's also a mysterious beast in the forest, responsible for the disappearance of Snow's father the King, and even more mysterious raiders waylaying travelers (Prince Alcott got to meet them, with hi-larious results). Snow escapes death by finding a new life in the forest, and slowly uncovering the dark secrets within. Not to mention falling in love (because seriously? It's a fairy tale and there's a dashing - if clueless - Prince. How is there not going to be a love story involved). But what really made this movie click for me? The characters.

Julia Roberts is a satisfyingly creepy Queen without being too creepy. She's bad, but she's also hilarious. And she's sort of a character you feel sorry for, because she simply doesn't get it. Snow White is a spunky girl who, though beautiful, is also smart. And once she realizes her kingdom is not all she's been told, she sets to work making things right. Because it's the right thing to do. She's tough, and she's a fighter. And she has cool clothes. The seven dwarves are endearing and totally unexpected. They had me chuckling out loud, and really help Snow develop. And the Prince ... oh, Prince Alcott. So clueless. So dashing - that grin, it literally twinkles. He's a fun new look at the "Prince Charming" character-type, and the perfect counter to our Snow. So yeah, the characters really made this work for me. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

DVD provided by my local library.


Giveaway Winner! UPDATED

What better way to celebrate it finally being Friday, at the end of a long weird week, than to announce that someone - one of my blog visitors! - has just won a brand new book?! Yeah, I think it's a pretty awesome way to start the weekend too.

Remember Angela Shelton's totally awesome guest post on the Top 10 Reasons to Wear Hats? And how she's generously agreed to give some lucky duck a copy of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton? Well, I just checked with Rafflecopter, and the lucky A Word's Worth winner is ...

Okay, so I had a cuh-razy hard time getting a winner to respond, but ... after more ups and downs than you could shake a stick at... the SUPER lucky winner is:
Valynn H!
I've already heard back from Valynn (who is one excited lucky duck), so this giveaway is finally complete! YAY!

If you didn't win this time, don't despair! I'm having so much fun hosting giveaways for blog tours, that I think I'm going to examine my piles of books and see what I have by way of a semi-mystery box ... What say you? A good idea?

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday and a wonderful weekend! It's almost Thanksgiving, people!


Graceling Trilogy

Great hills. I have no idea what took me so long to read Graceling -- although, in hindsight, I'm glad I did. Because if I had read it after initial publication, and been forced to wait for years until being able to pick up the rest of the story, I'd have been very. very. unhappy. (Especially when you consider the torture I endured waiting just 10 days or so!) I'm going to review the three novels "together" - in order - and will tell you right now: You need to read them in order, it makes the story better. I'll try to avoid spoilers, but I can't make any huge promises - because these things are awesome. You should read them!

Kristin Cashore
Harcourt, 2008

Katsa is a Graceling. A very skilled, very fearsome Graceling. What's a Graceling you ask? Good question. When a child's eyes "settle" into two separate colors -- one brilliant blue, the other stunning green in Katsa's case -- they are identified as Gracelings. And Gracelings have powers ranging from cooking skills to fierce combat skillz. Katsa, who has lethal combat abilities (she cannot) be beaten, has become her uncle the King's henchman - being sent on errands of "justice." But she fights back, because somewhere deep inside is a heart that treasures true justice. And freedom. One on of these errands of mercy, Katsa meets another Graceling fighter - whom is later revealed to be the youngest prince of another kingdom. Prince Po. Who also has a passion for truth and freedom, and a good many secrets of his own - particularly concerning his grace. When the two join forces, and set out on a mission to discover the truth of (another kingdom) Monsea's King Leck, strange and wonderful things happen.

It's a gripping story. Addicting. Po and Katsa have a chemistry and grace that is ... palpable. Swoon-worthy. She's fierce and wound tight, struggling to make sense of her growing awareness of "feeling" in light of her "bloody" past. He's carefree and light, hiding something powerful and able to feel things with an amazing intensity. They spar and banter and fight and love. They're an amazing team. And there are events in the story that ripped my heart right out of me, leaving me desperate for more. I did get resolution - to a point. But was left hanging, needing to find out what happened next. Later. After.

Book provided by my local library.

Kristin Cashore
Dial, 2009

I should have know, by the subtitle "Companion to Graceling" that Fire would not answer all the questions of my heart. But I needed more, and Bitterblue was checked out, and it came next in the trilogy, so I read it. Well, read most of it - I started reading it straight through, and 80someodd pages in, decided to do that "skim reading" thing: read several pages, then skip ahead a few, then read, then skip. I got the bulk of the story, but a lot faster. Because, let's face it: I needed more Po and Katsa, and while it's a great story, Fire is not that. In fact, it pre-dates Graceling's events by 30some years (or so, give or take?) The only character from Graceling to appear in Fire is Leck - as a child (and seriously creepy). So you definitely want to read Graceling first, so you don't ruin that reading experience by knowing the stuff that happens in Fire.

As for Fire, it's a wonderful story in its own right. Fire is a dynamic and beautifully drawn character, struggling to balance her power with her heart (much like Katsa, but even more complicatedly). The situation is tense: a kingdom stands in the balance, and Fire's powers are greatly needed to save it. In and of itself, that doesn't seem like a hard assignment, but Fire has so many ghosts from her past - and new complications from her present - that it's hard for her to become what she must. With the help of a wonderful, colorful cast of supporting characters, Fire gradually realizes that she can be fully empowered and still maintain her own identity - can love and be loved, can give meaningful assistance to those around her. Her past, her nature does not dictate her true self nor her future. I liked Fire, a lot. (I also really liked Archer, even though he was a serious player/a little bit of a jerk). I could relate to her on some levels more than I could to Katsa, but both are crazy strong, dynamic, amazing heroines.

Fire has merit and purpose, it just didn't supply my need for another Katsa and Po fix ...

Book provided by my local library.

Kristin Cashore
Dial, 2012

At last. At last! The sequel to Graceling. And companion to Fire. So many things in one (fairly thick, actually) book. And that's just the contextual stuff. This was one heavy read. Amazing, but heavy. Let's see if I can make my thoughts make sense ...

Bitterblue picks up ten years after the close of Graceling, with young Queen Bitterblue trying her best to help her kingdom finally shake off the effect of King Leck. It's a far harder task than she expected, as she discovers once she starts slipping out at night, in disguise, and meets  people who are actively seeking to right Leck's wrongs. People like Saf, a mysterious Leonid Graceling whose mission is to steal back what Leck's henchmen stole first. Saf, and his friends, challenge Bitterblue to take a closer look at things - no matter how painful they are - and soon she starts seeing a pattern. A puzzle. With the assistance of Gideon and Po, and a surprising selection of unexpected friends (like the librarian - Death), Bitterblue slowly, painfully, peels away the layers of deception and hiding and pain until she finds the truth.

The story itself is crafted beautifully. It brings back my favorites, though the focus is less on Po + Katsa as a romance, and more on Po + Bitterblue as a rescue-the-kingdom story. I loved seeing Gideon again, and watching as he and Bitterblue become closer. And Saf is quite a character in his own right - I like these Leonid Gracelings that Cashore creates. But the read itself yanked and pounded on my heart. It's a rough read. The things Leck and his "cronies" did are horrible, horrifying, and just generally sickening. Reading about them is hard. It make's Bitterblue's struggle more real - as reader, I had very similar reactions and problems with the truths Bitterblue discovered. It's truly a heartwrenching story, but also a hopeful one. Because there's a core group, bound by love, determined to carefully locate the truth and restore a broken kingdom.

Book provided by my local library.


Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Welcome back for Part 2 of Virtual Authors Book Tours' blog tour for The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton. Check out my review, and check out the full schedule on The Official Promo Post. But first, I've got a very awesome guest post by Angela Shelton, complete with pictures. And, my happy readers, a giveaway for you! Fill out the Rafflecopter at the end of the post.

Top 10 Reasons to Wear Hats (especially while you're reading)
10. Hats Hide Bald Spots
Reading in a public place? Have your head buried in The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton and trying to figure out how to pronounce hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia while exposing that bald spot? That goes for you too, ladies. Wear a hat!
9. Hats Combat Bad Hair Days
Forget the bald spot - be proud of it! Draw a face on it or frame it with a Fascinator! But on the days when your hair is just atrocious and you don't want to be seen reading a classic with your hair in tangles, adding a wonderful cap or even a top hat to your head takes all the attention away from your mat.
8. Thinking Caps Help You Think
School should start with a bag of books and a thinking cap. It would be more fun AND thinking caps work. If you don't believe me, put on a stocking cap, call it your thinking cap and read a bit of Tilda Pinkerton. You'll comprehend the rare and obscure words quicker.
7. Wearing Hats Brings Back a Great Era
There was a time when men and women would not be caught dead without a hat. Hats were fashionable items that accentuated wonderfully coiffed hairdos, matched elegant coats, and made the entire ensemble simply gorgeous. Do that!
6. Hats from Other Cultures Can Broaden Your Mind
Reading a book about a french fish? Wear a beret and see how well you understand his rants through his bubbles.
5. Hats Prevent Illness
Reading at a bus stop? Can't put the book down while swaying in your hammock, but the wind has picked up? Wearing a hat can prevent hypothermia.
4. Hats Celebrate Occasions
Do you know those women who wear sweaters to match every holiday? The kind you cross your fingers you will not get for Christmas? Don't let them have all the fun with yarn and sequins - make an Easter Bonnet. Update the Santa Hat. Create a Valentine's Day hat for singles - complete with flashing lights.
3. A Fascinator Makes Words More Fantastic
Do you know what a Fascinator hat is? You'd look great in one. Re-watch the Royal Wedding - you'll see plenty of them. If you wear a Fascinator to match the cover of the book you're reading - it makes the whole experience much more delicious, dainty, and daring - especially if you wear it in Starbucks. Come on. I dare you.
2. Hats Accentuate Your Good Side
Remember old black and white movies and the way the stars looked so elegant? Well, go rent some! With a hat tilted down ever so slightly on your forehead, casting that little shadow as you read that thriller - you are oh so sexy and mysterious.
1. Hats Get You into Character
Just like a thinking cap helps you think (it does, try it), wearing a hat while you read gets you into the characters of the book. Whenever Tilda Pinkerton gives anyone a hat, they are suddenly able to do whatever it is they've dreamed of doing.  They can dance, sing, write and paint - even invent things that make the world a better place.
While reading Tilda Pinkerton's Book One - discover which hat is your favorite and then hit the thrift store and discover one for yourself. Wear it while reading and see how much magic shows up just by wearing a hat.

For more Tilda Pinkerton fun, check out the following links:


Blog Tour: The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton

Greetings! Welcome to Day 1 of a really cool blog tour, courtesy of Virtual Author Book Tours. For the full schedule, swing by The Official Promo Post, but first, check out my review -- and don't forget to come back tomorrow for a totally fun guest post (with pictures!) and a giveaway.

The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton
Angela Shelton
Quiet Owl Books, 2012

Looking at the cover, you may think The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton is a very different sort of book. You'd be right. But that's not to say that different-ness is a bad thing. I'd go so far as to say it's a good thing, in fact.

Tilda Pinkerton is a happy and beloved mystery to the people of Moodle. She crash landed on their planet of Ooleeoo one night, with a strangely bent antenna-like thing on her head, the magical ability to create hats that make people shine bright, and absolutely no memory. She knows things however, just can't explain why or how she knows them. But this knowing, combined with her strange hat-making gift, and comrades Frank the goldfish and Gladys the toad-cat, seem to be just the thing to help the good people on Ooleeoo combat the strange, unnamed danger that threatens their peaceful existence. While this on-the-ground confusion is growing and expanding, there's an intergalatic war taking place in the skies above -- fought by the forces that Tilda is unknowingly a part of. And boy, do things get intense before everything gets sorted.

The characters are colorful and quirky, the writing style easy and fun. And, word geek that I am, I absolutely loved that the story is also a bit of a dictionary: for "big" or "new" words, there are footnoted definitions. Also, most characters have surnames that reflect their personalities. The vocabulary is amazing, and you learn without consciously learning (the best kind). I was sucked into the story, trying to work out the tangles on my own -- piecing together clues, and trying to figure out the bad guys versus the good guys before all was revealed. There's adventure, suspense, a little romance, and a dash of space-y goodness; I look forward to future adventures of Tilda.

Book provided by author for review.


New Books + Winners!

Okay, before I share the books I received in October, I have two WINNERS to announce! Remember the two awesome Peachtree blog tours I got to be a part of? I have winners for both books!

has won a copy of the incredibly fun The Universe of Fair

has won a copy of the gorgeous, pro-library Return of the Library Dragon

Congratulations to both ladies, who have already sent me their mailing addresses! I think you'll enjoy the books -- I know I did.

And now, my new acquisitions ...


For Review:


Swap/Purchase/Otherwise Received:

Pre-ordered a signed copy of Keepers, and got a sweet swag pack -- which Shannon had to send me after the fact. Just another reason everyone should buy her book: she cares!
Pre-ordered a signed Romeo and got another set of special swag! Yay swag!
Not too bad a haul for October, and I got to support some awesome, reader-friendly authors too. How'd you do?


Blog Tour: Romance in the Rain + Extras

Today, I've got a post that is packed with good stuff! And, fair warning, it's quite possibly the longest post I've ever posted -- but it's worth it. As part of Romantic Maidens' blog tour for a new anthology Romance in the Rain, I've got a review, a guest post, and some pretty neat tour-wide giveaways for you. See? Perfect way to start a Monday!

Since there's so much going on, I'd suggest sitting back and getting comfy, maybe even grab a hot drink, and reading your way through. I'm not going to feature summaries of the stories in my review, since the official media kit does such an amazing job ((and includes excerpts!)), so make sure you read everything. And don't forget to enter the giveaways!

Title: Romance in the Rain (A Seattle Anthology)
Authors: Kristine Cayne, Dawn Kravagna, Charlotte Russell, Sherri Shaw, Clare Tisdale, Marianne Stillings
Publisher: Kristine Cayne
Release Date: October 15, 2012
Pages: 360

From the pioneer days of Seattle through the smoke-filled clouds of WWII and into the present, Romance in The Rain takes readers on a journey with four generations of the strong-willed and passionate Caldwell family. The anthology of six novellas is a collaboration of the Seattle-based Rainy Day Writers group.
Splendor in the Moss by Charlotte Russell—By the spring of 1853 Englishman James Caldwell has traveled thousands of miles in a quest to find a place to call home. Newly settled Seattle isn’t that place and he’s ready to move on again when widowed Mattie Jensen marches into his life as somber as a cloudy day. But James can see through the solemn haze to Mattie’s strength and passion. Now he has a reason to stay, if he can just convince Mattie to take a second chance on love—and him. (22,000 words)

Final Approach by Marianne Stillings—With the world at war, Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Service pilot Lt. Charlene (Charlie) Thompson faces personal battles as well. Pearl Harbor left her a widowed bride, certain love would never come again – but battle-scarred Capt. Joe Caldwell has other ideas for the beautiful lady flyer, if he can just keep her safe from the secret saboteur who's already taken the life of Charlie's best friend. (17,000 words)

Love Phantom by Dawn Kravagna—University of Washington, 1983: A great place to get an education and meet single men. Drama major Kara Caldwell prefers to hide behind the characters in her plays, yet feels pressure to live up to the example set by her brave and witty grandmother, a veteran of WWII. Can she learn to overcome her reticence and prejudices to discover which guy truly cares for her--and who is just putting on an act? (17,000 words)

What’s Wrong with Mr. Perfect? by Sherri Shaw—No sooner did Chef Ivy Turin wish to meet the perfect man than Sam Rockney walked into her restaurant. But is the sexy Seattle quarterback for real or is there something wrong with Mr. Perfect? (17,000 words)

Shelter from the Storm by Clare Tisdale—Seven years and one broken heart later, JD Caldwell returns to Seattle to pick up the pieces of his old life, never imagining he will fall for Maya—the mysterious woman who lets him into her house and bed but keeps the door to her heart tightly closed. When their summer fling takes an unexpectedly serious turn and Maya gives him his walking papers, JD has to decide whether their love—and his legacy—is worth fighting for. (21,000 words)

Aftershocks by Kristine Cayne—When Seattle is struck by a devastating earthquake, technical rescue firefighter Jamie Caldwell must save his estranged wife and daughter from the wreckage of a collapsed building. He's defied the odds hundreds of times, but will his luck finally run out for good? (24, 000 words)


Writing fiction is difficult and lonely and more often than not, the "normal" people in your life don't understand the writing process and can't fathom why you are possessed and obsessed with finding the perfect word or phrase that says exactly what you want to say right where you want to say it. Only other writers comprehend and accept that kind of torment.
To fill this need to surround herself with like-minded obsessive-compulsive self-doubting lunatics, in 2005, Marianne Stillings, who writes Romantic Suspense, established what came to be known as The Rainy Day Writers.

There were only two requirements for joining the group: You must be serious about writing and getting published, and any criticisms of co-members' work be honest, gentle, and kind.
Over the years, the membership has changed; some people moved on, others joined. The group we have now has been stable and constant since 2009. The Rainy Day Writers are a family.

Charlotte Russell joined the group in 2006 at the suggestion of a former member. Charlotte writes Historical Romance.

Dawn Kravagna became a member in the spring of 2007 because of a writers' list where Marianne had posted looking for new members. Dawn writes Comedy and Mystery.

In the Autumn of 2007, Sherri Shaw found her way to the group because she and Marianne happened to sit at the same table at the Emerald City Writer's Conference that year. Sherri writes Historical Romance and Paranormal Historical Romance.

Clare Tisdale joined in 2008 as the result of an email Marianne posted on the Greater Seattle Chapter Romance Writer's list seeking new members. Clare writes Contemporary Romance.

Kristine Cayne found the group in 2009 because she won Marianne's raffle basket at the Emerald City Writer's Conference that year. The basket included an offer to critique the winner's manuscript—an evaluation that resulted in an invitation to join. Kristine writes Romantic Suspense.

For more information on Romance in the Rain and the Rainy Day Writers, visit them at www.seattlerainydaywriters.com

Romance in the Rain Excerpts

Splendor in the Moss by Charlotte Russell
After telling the dog to stay, he steered her away from the Jensens’ cabin, towards the woods to the south. “Thank you.”
“For what?”
“Giving me the time of day. You were gone for such a long while, I wasn’t certain you’d come back.”
“I had to fight my better judgment.”
James laughed. He couldn’t put on airs around Mattie if he tried.

Final Approach by Marianne Stillings
"You were there." Caldwell's voice was quiet as though he were speaking to a timid child. He took a step toward her. "You saw it, didn't you. Didn't you, Charlie?" Another step. And another. Suddenly, he was standing before her and she was standing, too, and his arms came around her as she pressed her head against his strong shoulder and for the first time in a year, she felt safe. Safe enough to relive the agony—and let it go. Safe enough to let someone be strong—so she could be weak. Safe enough—to cry.
And so she did. 

What’s Wrong with Mr. Perfect? by Sherri Shaw
"Somehow I can’t picture you as a nerd.” You’re too perfect, Ivy silently added, fingering the amulet at her throat.  It hummed under her fingertips as the vendor’s words skated across her mind: If you truly want to find the perfect man, and restore your faith in true love, then this necklace will be your good luck talisman.” She dropped her hand, shaking off the crazy notion. It was merely a coincidence that she wished to meet the man of her dreams and Sam showed up. The necklace had nothing to do with it. Right?"

Shelter from the Storm by Clare Tisdale
A shadow crossed the window, and JD looked up in time to see a seagull fly by. Beyond the downtown high rises,  the waters of the Puget Sound lay brooding, glazed by morning mist. Much as JD hated starting over again, he realized that if he had to, he'd rather do it here than anywhere else. Seattle was his home; he belonged here.  Maya and her beach house had helped confirm that for him.

Aftershocks by Kristine Cayne
Adrenaline surging through her system, Erica hung onto the doorjamb as the quake rocked the old courthouse. The building swayed and groaned, windows rattled and shattered as the earth continued to tremble. Cracks raced across the ceiling and plaster dust showered down, covering everything in a thin white film. She’d lived in Seattle all her life but had never experienced a quake as powerful as this one.

And her daughter was all alone.

My Review:
I have a growing affection for anthologies, especially when there's a central connecting thread. Romance in the Rain traces one family as it grows, expands, experiences history and has life-changing encounters with romance. (And the nifty family trees at the end of every story help keep things straight.) From the blurbs and excerpts above, you can tell there's a lot of very different ground covered in the individual stories, but they all link together and are concise stories that explore the deepest - and simplest - facets of human emotions. They'll make you laugh, make you cringe, make you sigh. They may technically be short stories, but there each has a lot of punch on its own -- and when taken together, as part of a "family history" of sorts? Yeah, good stuff. And all of the writing styles work well together, especially since the range of stories are taking place over a span of time, the changes in voice work - adding context and depth to the overall idea. Definitely an anthology that can be viewed as the sum of its parts.

eBook provided by authors for review.

In the spirit of rainy weather, I am now turning the blog over to Marianne Stillings, who is going to share her Top 10 Rainy Day Reads/Movies.
When it comes to rainy days—weather designed for snuggling up with a good book or settling down to a favorite movie—the Northwest offers more than your average share of opportunities. Though I'm an author and I love books, I have to be honest and say that, when it comes to stormy afternoons, I'll invariably choose a movie.
There are two reasons for this: 1) Since I like to crochet, quilt, and embroider, my hands can't hold a book and a needle and thread (or crochet hook and yarn) at the same time; and 2) I love love love old movies—especially British mysteries—and enjoy them even more when I'm cozy and warm inside, while outside, the wind howls and fat raindrops pound the roof and windows.
So without further ado, here are my top ten rainy day movies, in no particular order:
  • AND THEN THERE WERE NONE – 1945 – Based on Agatha Christie's novel of the same name. An old-fashioned keeps-you-guessing whodunit!
  • THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR – 1947 – Great story and very romantic.
  • Any HERCULE POIROT TV adaptation of Agatha Christie's novels, starring the absolutely perfect David Suchet as Poirot. And the period costumes and cars are to die for.
  • Any MIDSOMER MURDERS episode – Produced by BBC, these are complicated murder mysteries that'll keep you guessing.
  • LOVE ACTUALLY – 2003 – A beautiful examination of every type of love, I love it (actually) more and more every time I see it.
  • THE GREAT RACE – 1965 – Fun, funny, feisty, and romantic. I first saw it when I was in high school and have loved it ever since.
  • Any FOYLE'S WAR episode – BBC miniseries based on the novels of Caroline Graham. These Brit whodunits take place in WWII England. Love the period clothing, cars, and well-crafted and complex murder mysteries.
  • DOWNTON ABBEY – Do I really need to explain this one?
  • SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS – 1954 – Energetic musical, fantastic and athletic dance numbers, charming romance(s). Who could ask for more?
  • PRIDE & PREJUDICE – Either the 1995 miniseries with Colin Firth or the 2005 movie with Keira Knightly. Each are fabulous in their own way. The 1995 version, being longer, offers more detail, but the 2005 film is well written and beautifully filmed. Both are intelligently done and very romantic.
Thanks, Marianne! Some of those are on my favorites list as well, and others I may have to look into.

And now, here are the necessary links and details for the tour giveaways. Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by today!
All giveaway ends November 22, 2012 at midnight. Make sure to only enter the giveaway you are eligible for.

Giveaway for US residents only.
Grand Prize:

- 1 autographed copy of Deadly Obsession + SWAG
- 1 autographed copy of Deadly Addiction + SWAG
- The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever, by Julia Quinn (autographed copy)
- Blood Trinity, by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love
- 1 e-book copy of “Falling Angel” by Clare Tisdale
- 1 handmade shell necklace by Clare Tisdale
- A handmade afghan crocheted by Marianne Stillings
- 1 autographed copy of AROUSING SUSPICIONS
- 1 autographed copy of SATISFACTION
- 1 autographed copy of KILLER CHARMS
- 1 bag of truffles from Seattle Chocolates
- 3 chocolate bars from Seattle Chocolates
- $15 Starbucks gift card
- 1 autographed copy of Cattle Capers: Search For The MooMoo Pearl by Dawn Kravagna

Prize #5: 

- 1 ecopy Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne
- 1 print copy Accidental Cinderella, by Nancy Robards Thompson
- 1 print copy Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels, by Sarah Wendell

Prize #6: 
- 1 ecopy Deadly Addiction by Kristine Cayne
- 1 print copy The Angel in My Arms, by Stephanie Sloane
- 1 print copy The Naughty List, by Donna Kauffman, Cynthia Eden and Susan Fox (autographed by Susan Fox)

Prize #7: 
- 1 ecopy Deadly Addiction by Kristine Cayne
- 1 print copy Tsunami Blue, by Gayle Ann Williams
- 1 print copy A Tale of Two Demon Slayers, by Angie Fox (autographed copy)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway for both US and International residents.
Prize #1:

- 1 ecopy Deadly Obsession
- 1 ecopy of A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare
- 1 ecopy of The Sergeant's Lady by Susanna Fraser

Prize #2:

- 1 ecopy Deadly Obsession
 - 1 ecopy of Unraveled by Courtney Milan
- 1 ecopy of Unlocked, a novella by Courtney Milan

Prize #3:
- 1 ecopy Deadly Obsession
- 1 ecopy of One Night in London by Caroline Linden
- 1 ecopy of Ruined by Rumor by Alyssa Everett

Prize #4:
- 1 ecopy Deadly Obsession
- 1 ecopy of Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase

Prize #8-10:
- 1 ecopy Deadly Addiction
- $10 Amazon or B&N giftcard

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Prize #11 US and International Giveaway

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