Mini Shopaholic

Mini Shopaholic
Sophie Kinsella
Dial Press, 2010

There's a new Shopaholic novel! My little sister and I were so very excited when we found out this was coming out, and when I got my hands on a copy before she did ... Well, let's just say there was a little jealousy. I had toyed with the idea of rereading all the others before reading this latest installment, since I haven't read them in several years, but I just didn't have the time. Turns out it would have been a totally unnecessary endeavor - this edition of Becky Brandon (nee` Bloomwood)'s life can stand alone easily. Yes, it helps to have some idea of who (and what) Becky is, and the nature of her hilarious life with Luke and Co. But this is a new phase of Becky's life, and seems to be a much more concentrated focus too -- dealing with a few months' time and a massive project. I liked it. It was different than the other Shopaholic novels, and so different from what I was expecting. But I did like it -- I had to find out if everything turned out alright. I had to see what on earth Becky would end up doing (or not doing) as the story progressed. It was an easy read, enjoyable and satisfyingly fluffy. And I really, really hope Sophie Kinsella picks up where she leaves off and gives us a seventh Shopaholic novel in a little while!

Book provided by my local library.


New Books!

Okay ... It's been a while since I posted New Books! happiness. So here's a glimpse of what I've acquired in the last ... month and a half or so:

The Moon Looked Down (Dorothy Garlock)

Whisper on the Wind (Maureen Lang - signed!)

The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte (Syrie James)

To Conquer Mr Darcy (Abigail Reynolds - signed!)

 Queen's Daughter (Susan Coventry - signed and with Queen's Daughter sticky notes!)

Love on a Dime (Cara Lynn James)

All of them are very beautiful. I hardly know what to read first! I think I may end up closing my eyes, shuffling the stack, and randomly picking one. Or write the titles on slips of paper and put 'em in a tea cup or something and draw my next selection.

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews to come!


Stars in the Night

Stars in the Night
Cara C. Putnam
Summerside, 2010

I won this from a weekly giveaway over at Favorite PASTimes, and Ms. Putman signed it with a wonderful message I needed the day it came: "Dreams do come true!" Even though I don't normally read mysteries, this book called and beckoned and I had to answer ... Yes, there is a mystery to it, but the story itself is so much more than trying to figure out "whodunit". The characters are real - I recognized much of myself in Audra - their feelings are familiar, their conversation believable. I knew I'd like the story based solely on it being about the Homefront effort during WWII - especially since it focuses on glamorous old Hollywood. I did not expect to get so 'sucked in' to the story -- I devoured it once I was able to sit down and read it. I had to find out what was going to happen next, how everything would turn out in the end. I didn't expect everything to resolve as it did - I was truly surprised by the twists and turns in the mystery part of the telling. I don't want to give anything away, but this is definitely a book I'd recommend for someone wanting an involving, satisfying read that has more weight than chick lit, but isn't really heavy.

Book provided by my personal library.


Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom
Susan Nielsen
Tundra Books, 2010

As promised in a previous post, a review of Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom! I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting into when I started to read -- I haven't read about middleschoolers in years -- but the premise was just too good to pass up. How could I resist a story about a girl trying to set her mom up with George Clooney?! You just can't do that. Resist, I mean. Although chances are it'd be a bit difficult to set up someone with Clooney. But I digress ... Back to the review: The characters are younger than what I've read in a while, but that did not detract from either the story nor the characters themselves. Violet is not too growny, and while once or twice I felt like she was acting a little 'beyond her age', within the context of the story it made sense and worked. Then too, I stopped to think about my little cousin and her friends - all 13-14 - and how they behave ... Violet was very convincing as a character, and I enjoyed her escapades.

For all the fun and humor of the title, there is some serious real-life stuff going on in Violet's life. Nothing is over-dramatized or played up for emotional shock value, everything is presented as "this is reality". I think there are probably a lot of readers who can relate to Violet and her experiences and emotions. It's a real book, that will make you think about real things, but in a super cute and very enjoyable, fun read. Definitely glad I gave it a go - thanks, Amanda, for making it possible!

Book provided by my personal library.