The Bad Queen

The Bad Queen
Carolyn Meyer
Harcourt, 2010

Marie Antoinette has never been my favorite queen in history - mostly because I'm not a fan of French history in general. I picked up this book because the cover & title were intriguing, and I liked the way each chapter was titled by a rule. The story itself has tons of details regarding court life at Versailles, and has a feel of authenticity to it that is sometimes lacking in historical fiction. The read was easy, though by the end it was a bit more difficult to read - just knowing how it was going to end, you know? The story is told from Marie Antoinette's perspective, but switches over to her daughter, Marie Therese's voice right when things get bad. It's an interesting method, and it worked very well.

I liked Meyer's style, and will pick up her other titles in the 'Young Royals' series.

Book provided by my local library.

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