it's not summer without you

it's not summer without you
Jenny Han
Simon & Schuster, 2010

Wowzers, this was even better than the first one. A lot fewer flashbacks, and they were presented as in-text rememberings rather than separate chapter-separate flashbacks. There are a few chapters told from Jeremiah's perspective, but they are clearly marked and therefore not confusing. The story takes place over just barely a week, and goes where I didn't think it would but discovered I really wanted it to. I don't want to give away too much, because that makes it not as much fun to read -- but as I was reading along, I found myself wishing it'd turn out one way, and then, well, it pretty much did! There's a bit of mystery at the very very end, which leads me to think that there might be another book coming. I hope so! Defenitely worth reading, but read 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' first!

Book provided by my local library. 

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