"campaign speeches"

In a world and society that places so much emphasis on doing what feels good in the moment, that rewards people for their sexuality - never thinking about what consequences (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) it will have - there are few pro-Waiting voices to be heard above the noise. And if a voice does manage to be heard, all too often it is ridiculed and mocked.

One voice, however, actually earned attention and even respect for publicly declaring they were waiting until marriage. That voice belongs to Tim Tebow, senior starting Quarterback for the Florida Gators. On and off the field, Tebow is a role model for all ages - demonstrating character and class, dedication and passion. Including his public answering of the question - that YES, he IS saving himself for marriage. That's rare, and that is special.

Let's have our collective voice heard through the voice that the media seems to adore: lets support Tim Tebow. Nissan, as a primary sponsor of the Heisman Award, is given a vote. And they are using their vote to let the People speak - they have set up a website where people can vote DAILY for their Heisman candidate. The winner will receive Nissan's vote. In a contest where every vote/point counts, this has enormous ramifications.



Okay, so we all know that the media is not always a big fan of homeschooling, and frequently presents us in a not-so-positive light ... BUT, there is one homeschooler in particular that is in the media a lot - in a POSITIVE and EFFECTIVE and INFLUENTIAL manner. Who? Tim Tebow, senior starting QB of the Florida Gators. Homeschooled by his missionary parents, everyone was absolutely shocked when he appeared on the football field and was not only able to play - but played WELL. His off-field presence has been an amazing testimony to the fact that homeschoolers ARE socially adjusted and capable of functioning in the "real world" ... He's done good things for homeschoolers. Especially in Louisianna where they created the "Tim Tebow Bill" that allows homeschoolers to play sports at the high schools nearest their home. Awesome, right? :o)

Now, it's our turn to help him ... Nissan, as a primary sponsor of the Heisman award, is given a vote. And they in turn want to give the American people a say in determing the greatest football player in the country. So, they have a website where people can vote - and the player who earns the most will get Nissan's vote. In a contest where every single vote/point counts, this could be monumental!

Fellow Homeschoolers, lets unite behind Tim Tebow!
Visit the site: http://promo.espn.go.com/espn/contests/theheismanvote/2009/index
And remember: Vote DAILY!!!