New Books!

'Twas an exciting week! I got three new books! And only one of them was for my birthday. Without further ado ... The New Books:

This showed up via UPS and I was a little confused at first, Mum and I just laughed at my random receipt of an ARC (advanced reading copy). And then I did some sleuthing and realized this was won in a contest back in April - first 100 entrants into the BIG contest won this ARC; apparently I was one of those 100 and just got the book. I'll take more free reading!

I am super excited about this one! Was introduced to Lemmon's work via Luxury Reading and kinda fell in love a little. I am a huge fan of the Gulf Coast region, especially Florida's Gulf Coast. So when I saw this listed as a "ending-today-giveaway" at Goodreads.com, I entered on a whim. And won! And it was delivered to me this week. Oh happiness.

This was a birthday present, because I am a sucker for kiddie picture books, and I have a much beloved little princess bunny of my own. (The living, breathing kind!) It's adorable. Simply adorable.

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