About Me

Oh, where to begin ...

... I have a Bachelor of Arts in English (Literature), and a Master of Library Science. I have been reading on my own since the age of 4, but my parents were reading to me from birth - I've grown up reading, and have a really hard time imagining a world without books and stories.

I've been blogging for three years (June 2, 2010 was my first review!), but I started reviewing books I read back in middle and high school. My mum wanted to slow down my reading a bit, and made me write a one- or two-page 'book report' about every book as I finished it. While it did not succeed in slowing me down, it did create an interesting record of my reading habits - and I consider it my first baby start at 'real' reviewing.

Professionally, I'm a librarian at a small branch library where I get to do a little bit of everything. I'm particularly excited about getting to create and develop Teen Services, and help promote the library through social media channels.

Personally, I'm without a doubt a Southern girl with a passion for football - SEC, all the way, baby! I have two cats and a rabbit who sometimes help me read and are my crazy little fur babies. I will forever believe in 'Ever After' and that dreams really do come true.

Other than this brief little intro ... I think you can get a sense of who I am through what I read and how I respond to it. So welcome to my little blog, and enjoy!