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I give up trying to take a picture of last week's box of happy: batteries in both cameras are dead (leaving the point-and-shoot powerless but with the lens half out, yippee), and on the phone it just looks weird. So. Use your imagination, or mosey over to your favorite bookseller and see the covers for yourself. This week, I've got a more manageable amount of new books and can snag the covers without too many headaches, which means you get visuals to go with my verbal excitement!

Earlier this week, I helped celebrate the "launch" of the Godspeed, in conjunction with the release of Across the Universe. Not only did I get to help launch the ship, but I also received a (signed!) copy of Across the Universe myself, thanks to a PenguinTeen giveaway on facebook! Oh happiness! This cover makes me swoon, I love it. Cannot wait to get it read and reviewed - I had to stop myself from flipping through the pages and skip-reading when it came in the mail.

Another read I am uber-excited about is Jack Caldwell's Pemberley Ranch. One of the taglines for it is "Pride & Prejudice meets Gone with the Wind" - how can you pass up something like that? Think about it: Darcy. As. A. Cowboy. Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of Mr. Darcy ... Laurie Rigler has been hosting giveaways of her two novels Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict through the fall, coinciding with new episodes of 'Sex and the Austen Girl'. The season finale was "The Darcy Episode", and happy of happys, I won! Oh yes. I was excited. Not only about winning signed copies of the novel, but that it came on the Darcy episode. When they came in the mail, I grinned when I realized they'd been signed in glitter ink. (They are two separate books, but I'm only putting up the one cover.)

One final book that arrived today is one I've been looking forward to for a while: Clara and Mr. Tiffany by Susan Vreeland. I actually got to meet Ms. Vreeland my sophomore year of college, sat right beside her at lunch even!, and have loved reading her books. I minored in Art History, and love reading about art history's "personal" side. So I was looking forward to this one for multiple reasons: Vreeland's latest; I have a major weakness for Tiffany glass; and a stunningly gorgeous cover.

I added 5 gorgeous books to my pile of happy To-Read books ... Now I just need to be able to continue making considerable progress on the reading!

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