Sense and Sensibility (DVD)

Sense and Sensibility
BBC, 2008
Starring: Hattie Morahan & Charity Wakefield

I've seen this before, but fell in love all over again this go-round. I guess it was "one of those nights," when everything is perfect and the story just reaches out and grabs you ... The music was beautiful, the scenery wild and free so as to make me dreamy-eyed, and Edward? Oh, Edward ... You have just tied with Knightley and Darcy to be my favorite. Not to mention the fact that I would dearly like to 'borrow' Marianne's wardrobe ...

It's been several years (*cough*probably at least 8*cough*) since I last read Sense and Sensibility, so the story itself has gotten 'fuzzy' in my memory - shaped in large part by the films I've seen during the years. My recent rewatching, combined with the Bicentennial Challenge I'm participating in, definitely prompted the need to reread and see if the idea I'm treasuring in my mind is indeed the story I think Austen wrote. That aside ... This is my favorite film version. I like the setting, and the way the characters grow and develop. I love the way it ends - the falcon scene is just ... yeah, it fits. It works. It shows the quiet, wild-animal-taming-with-whispers strength that I find so appealing in fictional heroes.

In short, I think this is a beautiful way to begin the challenge ... as well as a beautiful rendition of Austen. And I really love Edward and his stunningly gorgeous Fresian (that dazzling big black horse? Yeah, I want one of those).

DVD provided by my personal library.

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