Princess of Glass

Princess of Glass
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury, 2010

A few summers ago, at a friend's suggestion, I read Princess of the Midnight Ball - the princess sisters I was introduced to therein were fun and lively, so I was happy to pick up Princess Poppy's story once more in Princess of Glass. Taking place a couple years after Midnight Ball concludes, Poppy (as well as all her unmarried sisters) has been enlisted in an "exchange student"-type program where the royal children of many nations swap places to strengthen and repair international relations. Poppy's not your average, everyday princess though (even among fairy tale princesses, Poppy stands out), and of course - with her background - her adventure is unique as well.

Princess of Glass revisits the traditional idea of 'Cinderella' - looking at it from a wholly different perspective that was both intriguing and a lot of fun. While the misadventures of 'Ellen' the maidservant are the heart of the Cinderella-story, it's woven intricately in with the lives and stories of Poppy and her new friends. Particularly handsome Prince Christian, whom Ellen's "godmother" has selected as the perfect match and about whom Poppy cannot quite define her feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed this read - and the fun of it is in the reading, in seeing how things work out (or don't), and wondering what-on-earth is going to come next. I find myself hoping that George picks up the story of another of the sisters and continues the fun.

Book provided by my local library.

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