Goodnight, Tweetheart

Goodnight, Tweetheart
Teresa Medeiros
Gallery, 2010

I was so excited when my library's copy of this came in! I'd been hearing fun things about it, and absolutely love following Teresa Medeiros on twitter (you should check her out: @TeresaMedeiros), so I had a hankerin' to read this one (sorry, the Southern slips out sometimes). I was not disappointed.

Abby is one of those down-and-out characters who is in just such a bad place that you can't help but like her. She's struggling to write the Next Great American Novel and in a last ditch effort to help rejuvenate her career, Abby's agent sets up a twitter account to connect Abby with her adoring masses - er, you know, her fans. This is when things get interesting. During her first attempts to navigate and decipher twitter, Abby meets Mark Baynard - Literature professor on sabbatical, and Abby's personal twitter guru. Their 'lessons' turn into a friendship balancing deepest, darkest secrets and shameless flirting. I loved reading Abby and Mark's tweets - they're very believable, very real - and the friendship that develops between them is fun. I enjoyed watching them move from "tweet nothings" mixed in with the "here's how to use twitter" to actually talking to each other - it's a great look at the relationship-growing-aspect of twitter (and all social media, for that matter). The challenge of 140 characters or less is also a fun twist on communicating.

This was a fun read, a light read. I laughed out loud at times, and I was delighted to discover that Abby's cats are actually the same as Teresa's cats (which are way too adorable - she shares pictures on twitter!). That said, the twist at the end caught me wholly unawares. I almost got really mad and quit reading, to be honest. But I persevered, and my sticking-to-it was rewarded with an ending that made me smile and sigh. I do wonder what happens next - but isn't that what good books do: Leave you wanting more?

Book provided by my local library.

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