Armchair BEA: Recap & Reflect

Oh man ... the week has flown by, and there was just so much information - I'm going to be playing a little bit of catch-up next week, I think. I would have to say that my first-ever ArmchairBEA experience was a rousing success. I got an amazing chance to peak into the worlds of other bloggers - not to mention all the sneak peeks into the BEA experience we were missing! I've really gotten to think about what I think about the way I blog and the way I feel about blogging, etc ... It's been a good experience. A learning one. And also a lot of fun! And seriously? I'm going to be playing "catch up" on some of the blog posts from this week - there were so many! But that just means the fun is extended!

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this such an awesome experience!

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  1. Yes, I'm still playing catch up on all the blog posts I missed. I might be at it for weeks!