Loving Miss Darcy

Loving Miss Darcy
Nancy Kelley
Smokey Rose Press, 2013

Remember the totally awesome Austenesque novel, His Good Opinion, that told us Darcy's side of the story? And remember how throughout that novel, you picked up on threads of something rather interesting as relates to Colonel Fitzwilliam? Well, Nancy Kelley had mercy on us and told his story. Although it's also Georgiana's story. And, curses, it also sets us up for another waiting-interval, until someone else's story is ready for the world. (Don't you hate when an author creates characters you don't want to leave?)

Loving Miss Darcy picks up a bit after His Good Opinion ends -- the Darcys are happily ensconced in married life at Pemberley, and Georgiana has blossomed into a glowing young lady ready for her Season. Col. Fitzwilliam - Richard - and Darcy are uncertain about their personal preparedness for said Season, but enter into the planning with all the good interfering intentions of proper guardians. Georgiana herself is nervous and anxious about the Season, but having Kitty Bennett along for the adventure helps. Things seem to be settling into a happy - and successful - pattern, especially once Georgiana realizes she doesn't have to marry any of the young men she meets: her brother will allow her to follow her heart in this case. Meanwhile, as the parties and gaiety continue, both Richard and Georgiana start to uncover the hidden truths behind their reluctance and resistance to the changes wrought by the Season. And then the real intrigue starts, and all is placed in great risk by a circulating rumor. But who has such a malicious intent to ruin not only Georgiana Darcy, but also to injure her guardians? Who indeed ... Did not expect that little plot twist!

A quick, delightful read that feels "true to Jane" in continuing the story of some of literature's most beloved characters, Loving Miss Darcy was thoroughly satisfying. Minus the whole "now I have to wait to find out about [female character] and [male character]"-bit. I have it on good authority however, that Nancy is working on the next installment, and it promises to be worth the wait. (If you really want to know, you can check out her website. But it's more fun if you read the existing books first and then indulge your curiosity).

eARC provided by author for review.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one too!! And I'm also looking forward for the next book!