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Hello, hello! It's time for another Peachtree blog tour! Emily has been one busy bee this spring (late winter? it certainly doesn't feel like spring here!), setting up all kinds of wonderful blog touring fun. Today, I've got a review of the adorable Tiger in my Soup, and after you check out my two-cents, swing by the main schedule and pop along the rest of the tour.

Tiger in my Soup
Kashmira Sheth & Jeffrey Ebbeler (illustrator)
Peachtree, 2013

This is the story of a boy and his sister, an unread book, a bowl of soup and a tiger. Yup, a tiger.

When his big sister is too busy with her own book to read to him, our persistent young narrator spends hours looking at the pictures of his book - about a big, hungry tiger. Then he gets hungry, so his sister makes a bowl of soup, but still won't read the book. Suddenly, the steam rising from the soup gives way to a large, ferocious tiger, and an adventure is afoot in the kitchen! Meanwhile, big sis is still totally oblivious to her brother's antics, and calmly re-microwaves his soup. With a screech and a shout, about the hungry tiger in his soup, our brave young hero finally manages to get his sister to read the story -- but tigers are tricky, and you never know when they'll show back up.

The illustrations are bright and fun, the tiger leaps off the page -- he's awesome (I want one!) -- and the placement of the text really helps make the story come to life. A simple story, but one I think most of us can relate to: having to wait and wait and wait and wait, and then your imagination gets the way and boy, what a ride! Tiger in my Soup would make a really fun rainy day story, while eating soup of course.

Book provided by publisher for review.

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