New Books!

It's May Day! Which means I should be running around collecting flowers and bringing in the May...Instead I'm sharing the books that found their way to my shelves (and Kindle) in April. But hey, that's fun too! The Amazon bargain lists beckoned, and I answered this month...which you will see in just a moment. I also purchased the entire series of Lark Rise to Candleford on DVD. I am hooked, people! It's amazing. I plan to read the inspiring novels once I finish watching season four. Now, on to the books...



For Review:



Not too shabby. My ebook collection is growing by leaps and bounds - and I've discovered it's entirely too easy to stay up late reading books on the Kindle: there's no good way to gauge "just one more page!" Keep your eyes open for a Pretty Amy blog tour in May...and you never know what else I have up my sleeve.

Happy May, everyone!


  1. I got Flirting in Italian too. Very excited about that one!

    Is that Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters? That cover is disturbing!!!!

    1. haha, Yes, Jen it is! The cover is a bit strange, but I'm intrigued...

      My brother was like "You bought S&S&Sea Monsters, but not P&P&Zombies?!" I tried very hard to explain that there is a HUGE difference between Sea Monsters and Zombies, haha...

  2. mariah's quest looks interesting, i'll have to check that one out!

  3. Nice! I've seen BELLES in store and the JANE AUSTEN HAPPILY EVER AFTER cover totally caught my eye. PRETTY AMY (I think) is the one I've been seeing more of online now....can't wait to see your stop on the tour. Thanks for sharing....and happy reading!