Mini Reviews

Hiya! I'm back with another set of mini reviews...

Hope Rekindled
Tracie Peterson
Bethany House, 2011

While I liked the first two books in the "Striking a Match" trilogy (read my review of Book 2: Hearts Aglow), the final installment didn't keep my interest. In fact, I bailed on it. I felt like the storyline was going in too many circles, without moving forward enough. After going through so much with Deborah and the Vandermark family, I can't help but feel let down after such an ending. But maybe that's just me...

Book provided by my local library.

The Selection
Kiera Cass
HarperTeen, 2012

I really was not sure what to expect going into this reading, other than the cover is gorgeous. I've heard taglines like "The Hunger Games meets the Bachelor", but since I've neither read nor seen either, it didn't help me out any. What I got was a story with more depth than I expected. America is one of 35 girls selected "randomly" to compete for the hand (and heart) of Prince Maxon. It's the world's weirdest beauty pageant, if you will. But it's more than that - America, as a member of one of the lower castes, helps Maxon see what's really going on in the country he's to take over. They form an unexpected friendship, and in turn, Maxon shows America that not everything she assumed about him was correct either.

There's a lot going on in The Selection, and a lot of history and mysteries are only hinted at. It definitely sets readers up for the next novel in the series, and I for one will be picking it up to see what happens. America started out a little whiny and delusional (heh), but she started growing on me as she started engaging her brain. Prince Maxon I love. And Aspen...don't get me started. (Not a fan. However, I discovered that William Moseley is set to play Aspen in an upcoming television series based on The Selection, and if anyone could make me more sympathetic/reevaluate my decision, he could. Just sayin'.) Safe to say this was a pleasant surprise.

Book provided by my local library.


  1. I've been wondering about "The Selection", the cover caught my eye and it sounded interesting but still I wondered. I'm glad it has more depth to it! I may have to add this to my TBR list, if I could only find the bottom! ;)

  2. I didn't like Aspen AT ALL either. I'm surprised at all the "Team Aspen" members out there. ;) I loved Prince Maxon, though!