Lisa T. Bergren
David Cook, 2011

Just as Cascade picked up right where Waterfall left off, so does Torrent pick up the story from the moment Cascade leaves us wondering. Gabi, Lia and Mom have returned to the future - er, present? - and must decide whether they are able to successfully navigate the time portal to save Dad. I'll go on and tell you: they do. And then it's return to Marcello (and Luca), post-haste! Only to discover that more time has passed than expected, but everything's a-okay. The guys are ready to reunite with their ladies, and even to meet the challenge of proving themselves to The Dad.

As their father tries to wrap his mind around everything that's happened - and happening - the girls quickly find themselves swept back into the pace of things in Medieval Tuscany. Including, unfortunately, the never-ending struggle with the Fiorentini. Knowing that things have to end for there to be any hope of peace in Siena, let alone any hope of convincing Dad that they need to stay in Medieval Tuscany, Gabi convinces Marcello to agree to a truce-meeting with the Fiorentini, who want her - the She-Wolf of Siena - in exchange for the release of Fortino. After carefully laying out plans for escape and rescue, Marcello agrees and the meeting happens. Only, things definitely do not go as planned (who didn't see that one coming?), and Gabi finds herself in quite possibly her biggest predicament yet, face-to-face with amazing temptation in the form of handsome, mysterious Lord Greco who offers safety - and more.

Torrent was a wild ride, with fewer 'battles' and military maneuvering than is present in the first two books, but no shortage of drama. Gabi faces some major challenges on a personal level - challenges that will affect not only her life, but the lives of everyone she holds dear, and, possibly, all of Siena. Lord Greco really comes into his own as a character in this novel, and is compelling indeed. He's definitely a hero in his own right, and if not for Marcello, I'd definitely be his fangirl. Gabi has to come to terms with this too, and really dig deep in her heart to figure out what is what. Torrent is very much Gabi's story, but the other characters - especially her parents and Lia - play a central part in making it complete. And man, but there are some swoon-worthy scenes in Torrent! This may be the most involving novel in the series, for me anyway, as I was kept guessing what would happen next, and how. And yes, I'm being intentionally vague about details, because you have really got to experience this for yourself - it's so much more powerful that way.

I devoured Torrent, just as I did Waterfall and Cascade, and the story developed into all that I wanted it to become and more. My only regret is that there are no more adventures for me to explore - no more Gabi and Marcello, Lia and Luca, no more Lord Greco. Here's hoping that things work out and Lisa is able to continue writing River of Time adventures!

Book provided by my personal library.

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