The Single Girl's To-Do List

The Single Girl's To-Do List
Lindsey Kelk
Harper, 2011

Rachel has just been unceremoniously - and a bit dramatically - dumped, leaving her shell-shocked and entirely at a loss re: who she is and how she relates to the world. Thankfully, she has two amazing friends, Emelie and Matthew, who know just how to be single and are more than ready to guide her through the 'initiation process.' Their solution: with the assistance of way too much alcohol, create a To-Do list for Rachel, who is borderline obsessed with making lists and checking things off. Turns out, the Single Girl's To-Do list is just what Rachel - and Emelie and Matthew - need to rediscover themselves, and what is really important in life.

This was a fun read, a quick read - both in terms of actual reading time and the chronology of the story. Roughly ten days pass during the bulk of the novel, with the ending picking up a month after. Definitely a fast-paced story, but one that reflects and captures the mania of adjusting to new singleness and re-finding one's self. I loved watching Rachel work through her 'issues' - figuring out why she had been who she was, and how she could become who she wanted to be. I cheered as she realized she did not have to settle, but could chase after whatever dream captured her heart. Emelie and Matthew are colorful sidekicks in this adventure, and each goes through the journey with Rachel - discovering truths about themselves they'd forgotten along the way. Don't worry though: this is true, glorious British chick lit, with hijinks to spare. I chuckled and smiled my way through the To-Do List, and contemplated making one of my own.

Book provided by my personal library.

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