Happy [Belated] Birthday, to my blog!

So, it's been an insane week this week with a few too many late nights, and I totally forgot that my blogoversary was yesterday. Oops. Could've sworn it was next week. Yeah, my brain's totally off right now. But now I'm going to pause for a moment and think about what the last year has been like ...

My first official book review: the summer i turned pretty by Jenny Han, posted June 2, 2010.
Since then, I've written 65 reviews! This year, I'm making a conscious effort to review every book I read, which is helping my 'numbers' from last year's "let's just figure this out as we go" system of reviewing reads.

I've also gotten to participate in a cover reveal and book launch, have participated in my first blog tours, and started receiving books from publishers to review. (Okay, so that one makes me a little excited - I felt like I had 'arrived' when I got my first review copy!)

Oh yeah, and I have an official facebook page too: www.facebook.com/awordsworthblog!

On many levels, I still have a 'baby' blog - it's only a yearling, after all. But looking back, it's grown so much, and my style and technique are growing and changing right along with it. I'm slowly gaining followers, and getting more involved in the blogging community. Definitely looking forward to seeing what the next year will offer! (Hopefully I'll remember the correct birthday!)


  1. Congrats on your first year of blogging -- that's awesome! Hope the coming one has even greater things in store for you.