Happy happy!

I've been horrible about updating lately, oops. I have reviews to post, I just haven't ... Sigh. Bad habits are so easily acquired. However, some happy teasers:

New books are in my life muchly these days! Not only did I make an amazing haul at Goodwill a few weeks ago regarding 1950s-1970s "young adult" books, but I find myself the happy winner of several giveaways this month. That is definitely something to celebrate. So far, the only one that has been delivered is Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom, which I won from Amanda's very fun giveaway over at Books of Amanda's Land! I will post the others as they come ... and be looking for a review of Dear George coming soon. We hope.

Reviews are coming. I promise! Just not sure when ... but until then, check out some of the blogs on my blogroll for some amazing To-Read List additions.

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