2012: Books, Books, Books!

Whew, what a mad rush the holiday season was! Getting this posted a little later than intended, but it's still fun to see. There are a few reviews I still need to finish and post, so I'll update those links as they go live ((and, just as a matter of housekeeping, will label them "2012 reviews" to keep things tidy, even though they're going live in 2013)). Enjoy the list -- it's a little daunting -- and keep your eyes open for the other "year end-year beginning" newsy posts!

- First Date: Krista McGee
- The Thorn & the Blossom: Theodora Goss
- The Scorpio Races: Maggie Stiefvater
- Forget You: Jennifer Echols
- Taft 2012: Jason Heller

- Promise Me This: Cathly Gohlke
- Winter's Kiss: Jennifer Echols & Catherine Hapka
- Amy & Roger's Epic Detour: Morgan Matson
- Covert: Michael Kennedy

- Blue Moon Promise: Colleen Coble
- The Big Scrum: John Miller
- Awkward: Marni Bates
- Downtown Green: Judy Christie
- Edenbrooke: Julianne Donaldson
- I've Got Your Number: Sophie Kinsella

- Hearts That Survive: Yvonne Lehman
- The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind: Meg Medina
- The Wedding Dress: Rachel Hauck
- Cinder: Marissa Meyer

- The One That I Want: Jennifer Echols
- Prophet: RJ Larson
- The Selection: Kiera Cass
- Along for the Ride: Sarah Dessen

- This Lullaby: Sarah Dessen
- Cloaked: Alex Flinn
- Vixen: Jillian Larkin
- Southern Charm: Tinsley Mortimer
- Skip Rock Shallows: Jan Watson
- In Honor: Jessi Kirby
- Keep Holding On: Susane Colasanti

- For the Darkness Shows the Stars: Diana Peterfreund
- This Scarlet Cord: Joan Wolf
- Belles: Jenn Calonita
- Enchanted: Alethea Kontis
- Girl of Fire & Thorns: Rae Carson

- My Stubborn Heart: Becky Wade
- Marrying Up: Wendy Holden
- Keeper of the Lost Cities: Shannon Messenger
- Love in Disguise: Carol Cox

- Chomp: Carl Hiassen
- Band of Sisters: Cathy Gohlke
- Finnikin of the Rock: Marlina Marchetta
- A Path Toward Love: Cara Lynn James
- Graceling: Kristin Cashore

- Fire: Kristin Cashore
- The Universe of Fair: Leslie Bulion
- Bitterblue: Kristin Cashore

- The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton: Angela Shelton
- The Theory of Everything: JJ Johnson

- A Spell for Chameleon: Piers Anthony

- All's Fair in Vanities War: Elizabeth Marx
- The Merchant's Daughter: Melanie Dickerson
- Awake: Jessica Grey
- Asenath: Anna Patricio
- A Weekend with Mr. Darcy: Victoria Connolly
- Charity Envieth Not: Barbara Cornthwaite
- Lend Me Leave: Barbara Cornthwaite
- Bourne: Lisa T Bergren
- Clockwise: Elle Strauss
- Triple Threats: Airin Emery
- Chance Encounters: J. Sterling
- The Kiss Off: Sarah Billington
- Blue Sky Days: Marie Landry
- Pretty Amy: Lisa Burstein
- Written in the Ashes: K. Hollan VanZandt
- Dreaming of Mr Darcy: Victoria Connolly
- Queen's Lady: Eve Edwards
- Tributary: Lisa T Bergren
- My Particular Friend: Jennifer Petkus
- Just Say Yes: Phillipa Ashley
- Imperfect Bliss: Susan Fales-Hill
- Click: An Online Love Story: Lisa Becker
- In Need of Therapy: Tracie Banister
- The Future Mrs Darcy: Maria Grace
- Mr Darcy Forever: Victorian Connolly
- Tidewater Inn: Colleen Coble
- Absolute Liability: JW Becton
- Death Benefits: JW Becton
- View from the Tower: Jessica Grey
- Sisters of Glass: Stephanie Hemphill
- Unbreak my Heart: Melissa Walker
- The Hidden Blessing: Melissa Buell
- Romance in the Rain (anthology)
- Protecting Truth: Michelle Warren
- A Royal Pain: Megan Mulry
- Unmasking Maya: Libby Mercer

Picture Books
- Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tales: Twelve Timeless Treasures
- Marching with Aunt Susan
- Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms Reeder?
- The Divide
- Hey Canada!
- Return of the Library Dragon 

- A Hopeless Romantic: Harriet Evans
- Death Comes to Pemberley: PD James
- Hope Rekindled: Tracie Peterson
- Between the Lines: Jodi Piccoult & Samantha Van Leer
- Mansfield Park: Jane Austen

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