In Need of Therapy

In Need of Therapy
Tracie Banister

Pilar Alvarez is a young psychologist in South Beach, fighting to make her fledgling therapy practice a success. Her dedication to her career is fodder for her Cuban-American mother who wants to see her daughters married off quickly and producing granddaughters to spoil. Pilar's her special 'case', since her thirtieth birthday is swiftly approaching. Pilar is less concerned with finding a man, especially since her ex is stubbornly refusing to go away. But these things always seem to happen when you aren't expecting, and soon Pilar finds herself with two very unsuitable men "in her life." What happens next is a fun read that had me laughing out loud, and totally relating to Pilar's frustrations. It's a reading journey you've got to go on for yourself, because the twists pack so much more punch when you don't know what's coming. (Translation: I'm being very particular about not giving up any spoilers!)

What I loved best about In Need of Therapy was the characters. They're fleshed out and colorful. Mitch, Pilar's new patient, is such a card - unfortunately, I've known a few too many guys like him in real life, but that makes him no less entertaining. Ford, the dashing new (psychiatrist) in Pilar's building, has a complicated past and an engaging personality. And Victor, Pilar's rich and gorgeous ex, is one of those smarmy sleazeballs you love to read about but hope you never meet in person. Of course, the women are also splendidly drawn as surprisingly deep and complex. I could definitely relate to Pilar's journey to trust herself - and those around her (particularly the male types) - and the story itself is a fun read.

eBook provided by author for review.

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  1. Hi Rebecca! Ooh, the cover itself looks fun! This sounds like a book I would really love to read! Thanks for pointing it out to me!