Triple Threats

Triple Threats
Airin Emery
Lechner Syndications, 2011

Triple Threats is actually the fourth book in The Dance series, but it can be read as a stand-alone. Though it is obvious that characters know each other within a series context, the story itself is not connected to anything preexisting. In fact, it's sort of a distinct "episode," with its own focus, narrative and cast.

After a chance summer workshop in musical theatre, Lori has fallen in love. Not only do you get to sing and wear cool costumes, but the dance numbers are freer and more flexible, even more fun, than what she performs in ballet. Promising her mother that she'll stick with ballet, Lori manages to score voice lessons - and an audition at a local college theatre's production of Guys and Dolls. When she lands a part, Lori is over the moon happy. She enjoys practice -  learning the songs and dance routines - and makes two friends: Dane (gorgeous child star, wanting to make it as an adult) and Courtney (super talented, but fighting for a chance to make her dreams come true). Together, the trio enjoy every minute of their first real musical theatre performance, and look forward to new adventures in the future.

Triple Threats is a quick read, both in terms of time-span of the story and in how fast it can be read. The characters are interesting, and the story was unique - I have not read another book about ballet dancers transitioning to musical theatre before, and actually, I'm not sure I've read about musical theatre. One thing that really bugged me though is the tense of the novel. It's some form of present tense, and reading it is like reading a play script - I felt like I should have been directing people to go to position X, smile just so and then say their line. It was a bit frustrating, but maybe that's just me.

eBook provided by publisher for review.

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