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Today I'm happy to announce I'm a stop on the Clockwise blog tour, hosted by the lovely Missy. After you read my review, feel free to swing by and see what else is happening along the blog trail (just click the banner above). Also, at the end of the post are three easy steps to get a free copy of Clockwiser - the sequel to Clockwise!

Elle Strauss

Casey Donovan has a problem. Not just any problem, but a big problem. She trips a lot, and normally with little warning or explanation as to why. And she's been tripping for years. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Well, when you realize that Casey and her best friend Lucinda use "trip" as code for "goes back in time over a hundred years," then it becomes a bigger issue. And if anyone is making skin-to-skin contact with her when she trips, Casey takes them along with her. This, my readers, is when things get interesting. Really interesting. Because the totally hot and entirely unattainable Nate asks Casey to dance - and she trips. During the dance. Taking Nate with her. Back in time to 1861 Cambridge, MA. What happens next is one crazy ride, hopping in and out of time, and with more than one close call.

I really enjoyed Clockwise - Casey is a character I could root for, even if she couldn't see her own coolness. After Nate's initial shock (and hello, who wouldn't be shocked?), he sort of adjusts to the whole concept of "tripping," and even seems to set up return trips for himself. Nate and Casey both grow a lot as characters, and as friends, aided in large part by their time together in 1861 & 1862. Slowly, Casey begins to come to terms with her talent/ability, and even discovers a few other travelers! At the same time, pieces of her own life story are starting to fall into place, and she eventually discovers a possible answer for why she travels.

Casey and Nate's misadventures made for laughs, quiet smiles, and the occasional mental cheer session as they sifted through their differences and issues and learned to trust themselves and each other. They're likable characters and I look forward to seeing what happens next in Clockwiser.
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  1. Yay for the Clockwise blog tour! I'm another participant in the tour and just thought I'd stop by to say hello! =)

  2. Wow! This looks really interesting! I wish I read much faster! My TBR list keeps on getting longer and longer! :D I'd love to win a copy! Thanks!