Chance Encounters

Chance Encounters
J. Sterling

Not only is Chance Encounters an Indie read, but today is its birthday! I think this may be the first time I've been able to review a book on its launch day, a very fun milestone.

Caroline Weber had the dream life. You know the kind: successful college graduate with an internship she loves, and the world's greatest boyfriend, Clay, who is in agreement about their five-year-and-then-forever plan. But sometimes, things are too good to be true. Or maybe just too good to let you see the deeper truth. After a chance encounter with the devastatingly handsome Jackson, Caroline can't fight the magnetism between the two. Meeting Jackson sparked something deep inside her heart, way down in her soul. She doesn't know what to call it, doesn't even want to label it, and struggles to balance the intensity of her attraction to Jackson with the knowledge that she has all a girl could ask for in Clay. When Clay proposes, Caroline finds herself at the center of a minefield, and all of her choices start to catch up with her. She finally admits some truths to herself, and with the help of her best friend Bailey, tries to keep her head up and her heart in some sort of repair. She's the lucky girl - she has the picture perfect life. The details are not important. And then she gets a phonecall, and everything becomes crystal clear. Life is messy, and so are relationships. But that's what makes them worth fighting for.

Chance Encounters is a quick read. Caroline is a likable character, even as she struggles so fiercely in the midst of this "love triangle." Rather than just blindly following passion, Caroline really does try to figure out how to do things right -- it just takes her a while to figure out what "right" is. While I've never been in her situation, I was able to understand her. And Bailey is awesome! As are Tommy and Alex (you'll have to read it yourself to find out who and why). I'd definitely recommend this as a quick read for when you want something fun but not fluffy.

eBook provided by author for review.