Protecting Truth

Protecting Truth
Michelle Warren

In the much-awaited second installment of the Seraphina Parrish trilogy (check out my review of the first book, Wander Dust here), we get both the perfect story and not nearly enough! See, Michelle Warren has a knack for telling a story that hooks you and draws you in, and while the book itself is this perfectly spun story, it leaves you wanting so much more.

Protecting Truth opens a few months after the end of Wander Dust, just as summer is ending and the new school year about to begin for Sera and her cronies. Unable to stand the separation from Bishop any longer, Sera wanders to England for a surprise visit -- setting in motion a chain of events that rocks the Academy. And so Sera's second year at the Academy begins on a stressful note, made worse by the ever-increasing tension between Bishop and Turner - his fraternal twin, and Sera's secret collaborator. See, Turner has been making defense training holograms for Sera, and she can now kick some major tail on her own - which would make Bishop feel inadequate and unwanted, since, you know, he's her Protector. Crazy stuff. Plus, Cece and the Academy's enemies are back in full-force, and the stakes just keep getting raised higher and higher.

The tension and story and all the ... truths ... that are revealed in Protecting Truth are making writing the review tricky. I don't want to give anything up, because this is a story you've got to really experience for yourself. So I'll tease you a little: the tension between Turner and Bishop? It's more than just twin-rivalry. All the secrets that Sera thought she figured out last year? They barely even scratch the surface. And the ending. Oh. My. Word. There are no words. Except "wow" and "where's the rest of the story, Michelle?!?!?!" Seriously. I need the rest of this story. The characters, the drama, the amazingness of wandering (who doesn't want to be able to wander, by the way?). Yup, Michelle Warren has officially created one awesome world. And left me hanging.

eBook provided by author for review.

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