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It's been a crazy summer, but fall is creeping into the picture and my first Peachtree blog tour stop of the season is today! So excited to share this adorable picture book with you, and after you check out my review swing by the main schedule and see what everyone else has to offer!

The King of Small Things
Bil Lepp & David T Wenzel (illustrator)
Peachtree, 2013

This book? So. Stinkin'. Adorable! I am a little in love with the illustrations. The colors, the style, the fact there are so many details and little "hidden" things tucked away -- without feeling cluttered or overworked. Lovely. (And there's a bit of a scavenger/"Look-&-Find" feel too, with things to look for on both end pages). The text? Equally as cute.

It's a tale of two kings: The King of Little Things, and King Normous. King Normous (such a fun name) is ... well, he's pretty much a big bully and wants to rule the world and have the largest kingdom ever! Which he almost succeeds in doing. But he forgot about the little things, and their kind King. So begins a campaign of sneakiness and deceit on behalf of Normous -- but he's no match for the faithfulness of the little things.

I love the lyrical nature of the text in some passages, specifically when describing and directly relating to the little things. A cute story, emphasizing the importance of even the littlest things, with beautiful illustrations, makes this a definite "must add" to the personal library.

Galley provided by publisher for review.

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