Annie Laurie Cechini
Rhemalda, 2013

Dix is a girl with a secret. A big secret. We're talking huge secret. A secret that could cost not only her life, but the lives of all those near to her. She's been hiding it for years, keeping it tucked close, letting only a precious few know the truth. But all that careful planning and dodging and hoping has come to an abrupt end, and Dix finds herself on a desperate race for survival. And, strangely, forced to rely on others - to trust them, to let them into the inner sanctum - even though the stakes are higher than they've ever been.

Liberty is a humdinger of a sci-fi adventure. I loved it, devoured it! Dix is a character with spunk, stubborn and willful defiance - but the very best kind. She's fiercely protective of those around her, her rag-tag "family," and is willing to sacrifice her own freedom - even life - to keep them safe and alive, if that's what it takes. You see, Dix has a vial - the only remaining vial - of Eternigen, the drug that will allow people to travel into Deep Space. This is the secret she's been hiding, and why people are hunting her down. This is what cost her family, and a growing number of people she's come in contact with, their lives. But her best friend is *thisclose* to replicating the formula, which would allow Dix and her motley crew freedom. Only, things are not going as planned. And while Dix can maybe manage to fight their way out of the grasp of Eira Ninge and her cruel tactics, she can't prevent herself from forming more attachments. Strong, powerful attachments.

Well-written and fast-paced, I was drawn into the space-hopping world of Dix and company. Their struggles, especially Dix's, are real. And my imagination was beyond captured by the space-travel concepts. Hoping there's more to come!

eBook provided by publisher for review.

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