Lisa T Bergren

Remember my gushing reviews of Waterfall, Cascade, Torrent and Bourne? Well, Lisa Bergren delivered another amazing dose of River of Time goodness with Tributary. As with my other reviews, I'm trying to be excruciatingly careful to avoid spoilers, so details may be a bit - missing. However, don't let that deter you! In fact, if you've somehow missed the River of Time series, you should go out - right now - and find them. Read them all, and then grab Tributary and devour it too. They're amazing. Simply amazing.

Now then, for a bit about what makes Tributary such a read ... First, that's Luca Forelli on the cover, and if you think he has shorter hair than perhaps a medieval Italian knight would have - you're right. But there's a really lovely scene where Lia cuts his hair. It'll make you swoon a little. But then, Luca is always a charmer. I love watching the continued evolution of his relationship with Lia. What really had my heart pounding was Rodolfo Greco. Whew, if I wasn't officially Team Marcello, I'd have just signed my heart away to Greco. Dude's amazing. And finally free - to live and laugh and love. We also meet a new character, the beautiful Alessandra, who slips across the border onto Forelli land hunting boar - and finds herself ensnared in the intricate, messy web of politics.

I devoured Tributary, and was left breathless at the end. It's a masterful story, and a very fitting "end" to the River of Time series. At this time, Lisa isn't sure if there will be more to the story - and as much as I love these characters, after Tributary, I am okay with the idea of the journey ending. Gabi and Lia have come so far, and even Marcello, Luca and Rodolfo have grown and stepped fully into their destinies. The story feels complete, somehow. My heart is happy with the way things stand. And what a story Lisa can tell! If I can write something half as engrossing and beautiful, I will consider it success. So while I am bidding farewell to the River of Time, I'm moving on to the rest of Lisa's novels - I hear there's another trilogy set in medieval Italy!

eBook provided by my personal library.


  1. Oh, my sweet friend! How I've loved sharing the River journey with you! Regardless of whether or not I return to these characters, I'm so happy at the idea of you finding my other books. Nothing makes an author happier than readers who GET her. Thanks for GETTING me and mine. xoxo

  2. Really, I'm going to have to read this series! Sounds fantastic!