New Books!

Time for another montly recap of books now in my possession! (Or, you know, on my Kindle...) I like keeping track of my acquisitions this way, and it's also a lot easier to keep them separated properly. You'll notice this month there's a NetGalley category -- I've officially joined the league of NG bloggers, and am thrilled that I've been able to tap into this resource and gain access to great titles!


For Review:


Any of these on your To Read list? I must say I'm incredibly excited about Bourne and Unbreak My Heart! Also, stay tuned because Downtown Green and Awkward are both going to be March blog tours!


  1. Hi Rebecca, I have not heard of the NetGalley, what is it? Looks like a fantastic bunch of books! I loved Death Benefits! Enjoy Vincent! ;)

  2. What an excellent blog you have Rebecca! We esepcially love the aspect of you featuring all the latest books that are now available! Your blog is diverse, interesting, original and has an appealing layout! Nice work and we will be sure to tune in each week to read what you have blogged. ~All the members of the ManVsBooksClub