Across the Universe

Across the Universe
Beth Revis
RazorBill, 2011

I won this in a pre-release giveaway by PenguinTeen on facebook, and also got to participate in the big launch project. So when I was finally able to hold - and read - my own copy of this beautiful book, I was thrilled! (I know, I gush about the cover ... but how can I not??? It's gorgeous! And actually, if you take the book jacket off, you can reverse it to show another cover ... but you'll have to discover that one on your own. I am in love with the stars).

It's been almost 6 years since my last foray into the world of science fiction - my first (and only) extended visit to the realm was sophomore year of college, when my favorite English professor was offering a special topics course on Science Fiction. When I saw the first 'preview' for Across the Universe (a 'read the first chapter today!' thing online from the publishers), it made me think of a couple of the books I read in that class combined (the few that I actually really, really enjoyed, actually), and I was definitely intrigued. Once my copy came, I had to make myself finish what I was already reading before letting myself start. When it was finally time to lose myself in the Universe? Oh man ...

This story is nothing like I expected and everything I wanted it to be - even without knowing what exactly I wanted. Revis hints and teases throughout the book, making you question your understanding of whats going on, of who is what and what is who. There's mystery, there's struggle, there's discovery, there's growth. It's a picture of what people can be and who they become. It's a sweet romance, without being overtly sappy or preoccupied with lovey-dovey stuff that would be out-of-place. There's a lot of science (or pseudo-science), but not so much that I felt overwhelmed. Logistically, the story is told in alternating chapters/points-of-view: Elder and Amy, and you always know who is 'talking,' which is always a good thing. The story itself is fast-paced and engrossing, and when I finished it - I was happy with the ending. And then I saw where Beth said it's the first book in a trilogy. At which point I got very excited. Because yeah, I was happy with the ending, but I am still curious about what comes next. It wasn't a cliffhanger, but it was still an attention-grabber. Now it's a waiting game. Sigh.

Book provided by my personal library.

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  1. I read this too, drawn in by the buzz and by the amazing cover, even though I haven't read such pure science fiction in years (except for Star Wars books with my son.) I really enjoyed it.