Summer Reading Recap

I work in a college environ, so I consider 'summer' to be May-June-July-August, therefore, here are the books read from May through August:

- Waiting for You: Susane Colasanti (320)
- Sweet Little Lies: Lauren Conrad (309)
- The Alpha Bet: Stephanie Hale (232)
- The Cranford Chronicles: Elizabeth Gaskell (484)
- The Cinderella Society: Kay Cassidy (322)
- Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots: Abby McDonald (293)
- The Summer I Turned Pretty: Jenny Han (276)

- Spoken from the Heart: Laura Bush (432)
- Wish: Alexandra Bullen (323)
- Dreaming of Dior: Charlotte Smith (292)
- Wedding Season: Darcy Cosper (340)
- Odd and the Frost Giants: Neil Gaiman (118)
- Princess Ben: Catherine Gilbert Murdock (344)
- A Song for Summer: Eva Ibbotson (397)
- Android Karenina: Leo Tolstoy & Ben Winters (538)
- Tammy: Adventure in Hollywood: Alice Wellman (214)
- It's Not Summer Without You: Jenny Han (277)
- The Bad Queen: Carolyn Meyer (420)

- Cleopatra's Daughter: Michelle Moran (422)
- Someday My Prince will Come: Jerramy Fine (305)
- Portion of the Sea: Christine Lemmon (422)
- After the Kiss: Terra Elan McVoy (382)
- The Cupcake Queen: Heather Hepler (242)
- Runaway: Meg Cabot (310)
- Persuasion: Jane Austen (283)
- Ice Land: Betsy Tobin (354)

- Everlasting: Angie Frazier (329)
- Heist Society: Ally Carter (287)
- Commencement: J. Courtney Sullivan (324)
- Lowcountry Summer: Dorothea Benton Frank (340)
- My Name is Memory: Ann Brashares (324)
- Girl in Translation (290)

Totals:  32 books, 10545 pages

Okay ... So maybe that's a lot more than I was expecting, even though I see my yearlong tally on a regular basis. It was obviously a hot-hot summer, which meant a lot of afternoons reading in the cool. And no, not all of those books have been reviewed on here - this blog is still getting up and running as a steady review-source; and, too, some of them I just frankly didn't feel inclined to review some of 'em. I'm getting better though, I really am. There are definitely some reviews in the works waiting to get fine-tuned and published. So stay tuned!

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