BBE Scavenger Hunt Winner!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend, and got to spend plenty of fun, quality time with friends and family. Because I timed the BBE Scavenger Hunt giveaway to end right at the beginning of the holiday weekend (bad planning on my part, haha), I decided to wait until today to pick my winner ...

... Are you curious to find out who's going to be the lucky winner of a mystery prize pack?

Wait no longer, dear readers, because the entries were jumbled and Rafflecopter picked lucky #11 as the winning entry!

Christina, of A Reader of Fictions, you are lucky #11!

Christina left a comment saying the book(s) that have drawn her in and not let go have been:
Recently Starters, Croak, Spellcaster, Scarlet...the list goes on.

I haven't read any of those yet (but Scarlet is totally on my To Read Soon list), but thank Christina - and everyone else - for sharing their arresting reads.

Check your email Christina!

And for everyone else - don't despair, there's another giveaway going on right now! It ends Friday morning, so enter quick (shortcut: click the Edenbrooke cover image under "Giveaway" in the upper lefthand corner of the blog).

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