So Much Closer

So Much Closer
Susane Colasanti
Viking, 2011

When I found out my ARC request for So Much Closer had been accepted, I literally did a happy dance in my office. I'd been hearing so many good pre-release things about this, that I was giddy to have a chance to add my own two-cents. (The book has since released, so you can all go buy a copy for yourself!)

The cover caught my attention first, as did the title - and the premise kept it: girl loves boy, boy doesn't know it, boy moves to NYC, girl leaves everything she knows behind to follow boy to NYC. Did I want to find out what happened next? Do diamonds sparkle?! Of course I had to find out what happened when Brooke changed her life in a radical way - just for a boy. But not just any boy: Scott was the love of her life - he just didn't know that. And he barely knew Brooke. I think you can see how very interesting this story could become.

So Much Closer is fast-paced and easy to read. I was quickly caught up in Brooke's story, and her new world of experiences in New York City. Brooke was an interesting girl to get to know - I liked watching her grow and become more comfortable in her own skin throughout the novel. A lot of this was a direct result of her surprising new friends, and realizing that there not only was a way to make what she loved most a 'life', but that it was okay to do so. I think that's what I loved best about So Much Closer actually: Brooke's journey from planning her life around chasing a particular boy to realizing that she deserved to let herself *be* and dream and chase those dreams - surrounded by friends who cared about and supported her.

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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