Armchair BEA: All About The Blog

This is the final day of ArmchairBEA celebrations, and the theme of the day is - what else - the blog! Essentially we've been given free reign to take about our Blogging Philosophy ... Which means I get to discover what my Philosophy of Book Blogging is, as I share it with you. With that forewarning, please forgive if this seems a bit "thinking-out-loud" at times. Shall we dive in?

I think I'm probably pretty low-key in terms of the way I blog ... I read my books, whether they are books I randomly picked up/decided to read for myself, or books that I've been sent for review, and then I review them. This year I'm making a conscious effort to write a review for every book I read - something that did not happen last year. I don't try to post every day - I'd run out of books, honestly - but a good blogging week for me is one where I get at least 2 reviews up, and maybe some other non-review post. (Bonus points if I get enough books to do a 'New Books' post on Saturday!) I confess to a very bad habit of getting a handful of reviews written and scheduled, and then forgetting to keep writing reviews until the end of my scheduling. Oops! I'm trying to get better about that, now that I'm on summer break and not dealing with other things.

Along with the low-key approach, I don't let my blogging become a stress or hassle. I make sure I can handle the things I'm getting myself into, and if I ever reach a point where I can't - I'll start pulling back to a more manageable place. I don't think there is any one right or wrong way to write a review, so I don't try to stick to too strict a 'formula' ... Some reviews are shorter or longer, depending on what I feel like I need to say. I hate to give away too much of the plot - especially if there's a really amazing moment you've got to actually build up to in the reading, so I try to be very sensitive of that. But I definitely want my reviews to convey what I felt and thought during and after my reading. On some levels, this whole blogging endeavor is as much for myself as it is for anything else - it's really making me look a little closer at what I read, and why.

So far as social media is concerned ... I have a twitter where I link my posts, tagging authors/publishers of the reviewed book when applicable. I also have a facebook page for this blog, which gets a link to all posts. I love the 'connectability' that social media offers in terms of being able to communicate with authors, publishers, and other bloggers - I've discovered so many reads this way! And there's nothing more fun than when you can actually talk to the author of a favorite book! Yeah, I have total fangirl moments at times.

Do I have a Philosophy of Blogging? I guess on some level, I think blogging is a personal thing - we're all different, we all have different reading tastes and writing styles. There's no good cookie-cutter approach to blogging ... I do think that reviews should be fair, and honest. If I don't like a book, I'll try my best to explain to you why I didn't like it - but leave the reading to your own discretion (unless it's like, you know, really, really awful and then I'll just tell you to run away screaming. Kidding! Sorta. Moving on...). I think correct spelling and grammar, you know, basic good writing skills? Those are imperative. I'm going to have a very hard time taking you seriously if I can barely read your writing. (I've got an English degree, and worked as a Writing Tutor and A&E Editor for the Campus Paper - it's in my blood). Other than that? It's your blog, so do what you want with it ... If it becomes 'work' than things need to change ... Just have fun.

Okay, did I sufficiently talk myself into a logical point? This is one of those things I have a sense of what I like versus what I don't like, but when it comes down to trying to define it, well, it gets a little tricky. Possibly that's just the way my brain works - I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say on the matter.

On an unrelated note:
This has been a very fun experience for me, and I've gotten a great glimpse of just how huge and wonderful the book blogging world is! I am so glad I saw the information about ArmchairBEA and decided to join in the fun!

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