Never Gone

Never Gone
Laurel Garver

When her father dies following a lengthy battle to recover from a horrific accident, Dani is understandably distraught. Struggling to deal with her grief, and desperately missing her most understanding parental figure, Dani is shocked to discover that she can see her father. She thinks. After the first unsettling encounter, she begins to hope that maybe - just maybe - he's not really gone after all, and can help her sort through the family mysteries coming to light.

Never Gone deals with some pretty tough, raw, gritty emotions. Dani's grief over her father's unexpected death is compounded by the frustration she feels from trying (and failing) to communicate with her mother. She doesn't know what to do with all the hurt, nor how to handle the surprising secrets about her family history that are coming to light. To top it all off, she's been sent to Dad's hometown in ENGLAND?, where everyone's memories of him are crowding in and seeming to come to life. But Dani has a surprising source of strength and support in this, and his name is Theo. His gentle persistence, and keen perceptions, help Dani see things in a different light -- she even learns to see Theo in a different light. A story of redemption, of hope in the face of intense sorrow, and of great personal growth, Never Gone is a touching read.

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