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Hello, hello! Welcome back for another Peachtree blog tour! Today I'm highlighting Prairie Chicken Little, and after you check out my review don't forget to swing by the main post and see what else Ever-Amazing-Emily has lined up for everyone!

Prairie Chicken Little
Jackie Mims Hopkins & Henry Cole (illustrator)
Peachtree Publishers, 2013

You're familiar with the story of Chicken Little and/or Henny Penny? Their heartfelt cries that the sky is falling are the stuff of legend. But they are nothing, nothing, I tell you, to the well-meaning chaos and near-misses that Miss Mary McBlicken, the prairie chicken, hears "a rumblin' and a grumblin' and a tumblin'". Sure that a stampede is a'comin', she heads to the find Cowboy Stan and Red Dog Dan as fast as her little chicken legs will carry her, picking up a handful of colorfully-named critter friends along the way. Stampedes are big business you know, dangerous things. Thankfully, Cowboy Stan shows up to set things straight just before Slim Brody the coyote makes the tense situation even messier.

This is a fun twist on the classic "sky is falling"-tale, and I love the rhythm of the text. The words roll so neatly, with just enough rhyming and a great pacing. It's made for storytime, and the illustrations are colorful and bright. Definitely a great addition for lovers of tall tales and other stories that grow (literally) better with time.

Book provided by publisher for review.

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