The Seventh Blessing

The Seventh Blessing
Melissa Buell
The Little Things Publishing Co., 2011

Before I get started, did you see my interview with Melissa Buell, posted last Thursday? If not, make sure you swing by and check it out! Good stuff to be had, if I do say so myself. Now then, to get down to reviewing-business...

This is one of those books that you don't want to put down, because you've got to see what's going to happen next, what's going to be said next. I found myself alternately chuckling and cringing at the characters' antics - one minute things would be going so well, then, whoops! slip-up and it's all a muddle again. Not to mention the fact there's a lot of action going on! But wait, I'm getting a little ahead of myself...

Samantha, Sam, is The Princess (and future Queen) of Mittra. When she was born, there was a slight mix-up concerning her fairy blessings - a mix-up that Sam doesn't find out about for years, but that brings all her misadventures into startling clarity when the truth is revealed. So what's a girl to do when she finds out that who she thought she was isn't who she really is, but who she always felt she was is who she really is? Join the parade and pageantry of the Tournament Circuit, of course - get a glimpse of the other countries in Gymandrol, start to see how she fits into the grand scheme of things, meet new people, and - if her mother's wishes come true - acquire a Proposal of Marriage along the way. What happens next is an adventure that kept me reading (far too late into the night, I'm afraid), and when it ended - though I was very happy with the results, I was left wanting more. ((Editorial commentary: This is the problem with reading first books a year before the second book comes out...Sigh. At least it wasn't a massive cliff-hanger like some I'm waiting for!))

Why did I like this book so much? The characters and the backstory. Both added great depth and detail to a deceptively simple story. Sam is real - she gets confused, she gets her feelings hurt, she's just like any other 18 year old girl. Well, you know, if every girl could have really awesome fairy gifts and be a princess. And the other characters are just as life-like -- you're definitely going to recognize someone in at least one of them! And Nolan...Oh, Nolan. He's wonderful. I laughed at him, I cringed for him, I fell for him and cheered for him. So the characters are awesome. And the backstory? Equally so: Buell actually took the time to create a whole history that would explain the current situation/scenario. I love it when authors take the time to really 'flesh out' their worlds. It adds so much more depth and even a little mystery.

The Seventh Blessing releases on the 15th, and I definitely recommend it to fans of fairy tales, fantasy adventures, and those who don't want a 'creepy' read! Now...to sit back and wait for Book Two...

Digital copy of book provided by publisher for review.

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