Robin McKinley
Putnam, 2010

I. Loved. This. Book.

Actually, to say I loved it feels like an understatement - however, true. Let me try and explain, without giving away too much. This is definitely a book you must experience for yourself - if you are ready for it.

The cover caught my attention. The design itself draws me in, the title intrigues. I see the flying horse - the glorious pegasus - above the girl-in-the-amazing-dress, and even without knowing anything about it, know I must read this story. The premise is deceptively simple: in a world where pegasi and humans coexist, a Princess, Sylvi, has her own personal Pegasus, Ebon, (a Prince in his own right), and - by some strange twist of fate - they are able to speak to each other. Sweet story, right? Who wouldn't want to be able to "have" their own pegasus, let alone be able to talk to one?! ("Have" is used very loosely - it's a centuries-old Alliance that binds royal humans with royal pegasi, but they're more ceremonial companions than pets or possessions).

As I began to read, I was swiftly caught up in this story on an emotional level. Actually, it took me longer than it 'should' have to read, because I would have to put it down rather than just keep reading. My heart got involved. My mind got involved. I actually dreamt I had my own pegasus one night. I loved watching the way everything unfolded. Four years' time is covered in the text, and yet there's so much more. It's a fantastic world - literally - populated by strange creatures and unbelievable things. It's a story that twists and turns and will leave you breathless. I listed Sylvi and Ebon in my "Favorite Book Couple(s) of the Year" post, because even though it's not a "romantic" relationship, it's a very very real - and powerful - relationship. It's engrossing, fascinating, and involving. At the end, I cried my eyes out. Actually, I started crying before the very end - as soon as I realized the story was going to take one more crazy twist. And normally, I really don't like books that make me cry, but the fact this one was able to make me cry just speaks of its power. I was a little devastated when Pegasus ended - yearning to know what happens next, what is going on. Good news however! There is a sequel coming in 2012, and though it's a (painfully) long wait, I have every belief that Robin McKinley will satisfy my hopes.

Book provided by my local library (however a copy is soon to-be-added to my personal library!)

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