New Books!

I got two happy surprises in the mail this week: Peachtree Publishers on Monday and Penguin Teen on Thursday! I love when books come in groups like that - it's so fun to have a sudden pile of books to do a Snoopy-style happy dance over. Er, not that I did that or anything ... Okay, so maybe I did. Just a little. But it was justified! See:

A Place for Fish - Melissa Stewart
At the Sea Floor Cafe - Leslie Bulion
Planting the Wild Garden - Kathryn Galbraith
So Much Closer (ARC) - Susane Colasanti
I put in a request for this one ages ago, and did a literal happy dance when I saw it! Eee! :oD
Chime (ARC) - Franny Billingsley
This ARC was also sent my way from Penguin - not what I normally read, I don't think, but looks interesting.
The Locket (ARC) - Stacey Jay
Another surprise ARC, definitely looks like an interesting read.
And there's my week of happy surprises! Keep your eyes open for some fun stuff in April, involving the Peachtree titles!

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  1. You lucky little duckling . . . I am in awe of all the books that come through your door!