The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow
Cecelia Ahern
HarperCollins: 2010 (US edition 2011)

I've read a couple of Ahern's other novels, and liked them well enough during the reading, but they weren't "wowzer" reads. When I first saw the premise for this one last year, I was intrigued. Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous. Finally got to read the US edition, and I liked Book of Tomorrow much better than the other novels.

As several other readers have noted: it starts out a little slow. I had a hard time identifying with Tamara Goodwin in the beginning - not only did she come from a material world that is far, far removed from my personal experience, but as a character she's not exactly likeable. Once she found "her" journal - the Book of Tomorrow - I started getting more engaged with the story. I wanted to find out what this crazy girl would do with her glimpses into the future - would she change history before it had a chance to happen? Would she learn from the lessons found in the book - and in her real-time life? It wasn't one of those totally-engrossing reads, especially since it took some persistence to "get to the good stuff," but it was an enjoyable read once I got in to it. I did find myself wanting to know what all the hiding and unsaid things were about, and trying to figure out where all the various characters would fit into the final equation. I was glad I persevered and kept reading, and it's definitely the best Ahern novel I've read so far. If you're up to the challenge of wrestling with Tamara and working your way to the good part, then I'd definitely say "read it" - if you want a quick, chick lit read, I'd stay away from Book of Tomorrow.

Book provided by my local library.

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  1. I haven't read Ahern's other novels, but this sounds like a fun premise . . . although hard to like heroines are . . . hard to like ;)