New Books!

It was a spectacularly crummy week for me, in terms of battling a hellacious headache, but a very happy-surprise week for books in the mail! Books balance out headache, for sure!

Unexpected Love - Andrea Boeshaar
Totally an unexpected surprise! Very intrigued though, can't wait to read.

Lady in Waiting - Susan Meissner
Won in a FavoritePASTimes contest in November, and it arrived! Looks so good!

The Remedy for Regret - Susan Meissner
Because I had to wait so long for Lady in Waiting, Susan tossed in another book! Happy surprise indeed!

And today, I also got a selection of happy from Peachtree Publishers for review. I am super excited about these, and can't wait to curl up and really read them (I may or may not have already had to 'skim-read' the two picture books):

The Gold Miner's Daughter  - Jackie Mims Hopkins
Polar Star - Sally Grindley
The Tree that Owns Itself - Gail Langer Karwoski

It Can't be Done, Nellie Bly! - Nancy Butcher

Eleanor's Story - Eleanor Ramrath Garner

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  1. Aw yes...book definitely help balance out a headache. ^_^ Nice selection there! Love the purse on the cover of The Remedy for Regret...and oh the goodies from Peachtree! You're sure to love. Happy reading! ^_^