Geek's Guide to Dating

Geek's Guide to Dating
Eric Smith
Quirk Books, 2013

This book ... oh man, where do I even begin? It's a book you might pick up on a whim, because the cover is eye-catchingly fun, and if you flip through its pages, there are "classic videogame" illustrations. As you skim through it, you'll probably chuckle at some of the headings, references, and quotable passages within. Once you're hooked, you'll realize this is actually a very handy - and helpful - dating resource guide for the ... socially challenged, but endearing, geek crowd.

While this is targeted toward (male) geeks, as a geekette I was able to appreciate much of what Smith had to say. A lot of it is universal, and some you just have to tweak your perspective, look on the flipside. (Also, as a girl, it offered unique insight into the mind of the geek, which made several things make so much sense, re: the way various geeks in my life have behaved. Double bonus!) Smith presents very sound, practical advice to help geeks navigate (and understand) the dating game - and does so with an easy-to-read style that demonstrates some pretty geektastic (read: awesome) humor. It's the kind of "useful" book that you actually enjoy reading, because it's fun. And did I mention the super cute illustrations? In a nutshell, this is quite probably the best dating book I've ever read, and I can think of several people who will also appreciate it.

Book provided by publisher for review.

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