Blog Tour: Lost for Words

Lost for Words
Natalie Russell
Peachtree, 2014

Another stellar picture book from Peachtree, with bright, whimsical illustrations and a cast of amusing animals. (I've decided I am a definite sucker for animals in kiddie books). So glad I got to be a part of this blog tour, because this book is a definite keeper!

All of Tapir's friends have a way with words. Giraffe writes beautiful poetry, Hippo writes thrilling stories with dashing heroes and damsels in distress, and Flamingo has the ability to write make-you-cry songs. But Tapir can't find his words, no matter how hard he tries - he has a brand new notebook and everything! Then one day, pondering deep thoughts, Tapir discovers how he can tell his stories. Not everyone can use words the same way, or even at all - and not everyone can draw.

A simple story, a fun story (especially since we get to see examples of everyone's writing!), a good reminder story. We all have different talents and giftings, and just like our endearing animal buddies discover, each way is special and beautiful - and when we combine all our gifts? Wow. What fun to be had, what stories to be told!

Book provided by publisher for review.

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