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Today I am super excited to be a blog tour stop for Seeing Light, the third (and final) installment in Michelle Warren's amazing Seraphina Parrish trilogy! Since this is the third in a very-connected-trilogy, this review will be a little different for two reasons:
#1: You really need to read books 1 (Wander Dust) and 2 (Protecting Truth) to really understand and appreciate everything that's going on in Seeing Light. I mean, really.
#2: I've got to be extremely careful not to give spoilers ... as with her previous books, Michelle has an amazing talent for storytelling - pacing, building tension, surprising you out of nowhere. I was careful to avoid other reviews/spoilers myself, and I feel it only fair to return the favor.

That said, you can check out my reviews for the previous books above, and you can start the series for free ((for a limited time!)).


Seeing Light
Michelle Warren

Whew. Michelle Warren has done it again, you guys. Picking up not long after Protecting Truth leaves off, we find Sera and her team (Bishop and Sam) once again living dangerously. As she continues to push back against the Society, Sera discovers more about what's "behind the scenes". What she discovers isn't pretty, and her fierce independence (those in authority might call it rebellion) prompts her to join in the covert fight to right the wrongs and end the secretive power of the Society. Wandering to places and times she has no "legitimate business" being, Sera - and her team - realize just how deep the corruption and web of deception go. But even as she fights to end the way of life she and her fellow Wanderers are trapped in, Sera wonders what will happen if she succeeds.

Mixed in all this, there's still a lot of intense emotion from the whole Turner-Bishop fiasco, and the raw grief that broke all our hearts in Protecting Truth is a very present factor. I love this element, even as it made me sad -- it makes Sera seem real, human. She's a pretty gifted and fierce Wanderer (or dun-dun-duh: Watcher, and that's all the spoiler you get, mwuahaha!), and it's easy to forget she's just a teenager. She's still a kid, really, and her heart is warring to be heard. So watching her sort through all the tangled emotions, fighting to discern whether what she feels is truly her heart or merely her Society-programmed destiny? It's good. It adds a lovely dimension to an already incredible story. And of course, Bishop is amazing. Because he always is, even when he's angry and hurting. The characters are incredibly vibrant and integral to making this complex fantasy work, and Michelle has created people who I don't want to forget.

eARC provided by author for review.

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