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Hey guys, while I'm experiencing my first ever library conference (eep!), thanks for stopping by -- you're in luck today, it's another Peachtree blog tour. This time, featuring the intensely amusing Aussie novel Life in Outer Space. And, as always, don't forget to check out the complete tour schedule (there's even a chance to win your own copy)!

Life in Outer Space
Melissa Keil
Peachtree, 2013

There is a reason I love YA literature. There is also a reason I'm falling in love with Australian-pubbed novels, YA or otherwise. Life in Outer Space could be Exhibit A in a display explaining these attractions and affections. Its an entirely refreshing and exceptionally entertaining novel about a group of high schoolers who are geektastic. And I do mean geektastic.

The ring leader of this little tribe of nomadic geeks (okay, so not really nomadic, but it felt like a fun thing to say) is Sam. If anyone has ever fully embraced his geek-level status, it is Sam. He is a walking guru on all things horror movie and related ("real") movie trivia. Girls? Nah, Sam's not worried about the lack of feminine interest in his geektasmic self -- he's never met a girl who can hold a candle to Princess Leia. Until ... The day a new girl breezes into class, with a funky sense of style and the ability to make friends with everyone. Camilla appears to be everything polar opposite of Sam and his buddies -- but she also really enjoys hanging out with them. Especially Sam. And this means that life as Sam knows it, is officially over.

Even though it's an Australian novel, set in Australia, Life in Outer Space is such a teenager story. I think there are huge chunks of growing up that are universal, and some experiences that we can all relate to whether it happens in San Francisco, Middle-o-Nowhere, or Australia. It's just part of life, and that helps bring the human family closer together, ya know? Okay, philosophical wandering aside, we all know what it's like to be a high school student, a teenager, and deal with other teenagers. It's crazy. And wonderful. And terrible. Sam and Camilla, and the whole teen cast of this novel? They're real. They're walking down halls in schools around the globe. And this feeling of realism and authenticity takes this fun and quirky story and gives it added depth. Don't get me wrong, it's still a hilarious read -- I snickered out loud a few times -- but it's not just another high school musical (don't hate: I love those movies). Definitely worth picking up; but don't blame me if you get hooked on Australian publishing ... :o)

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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