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Today I am happy to be a part of the blog tour for Angela Correll's new novel Grounded. Catch the review now, and swing back later for a guest post from Angela!

Angela Correll
Koehler, 2013

True confession: I almost turned this tour down. I've got a huge stack of books to read, for both myself (the biggest pile, by far) and for review. But something about it kept beckoning, so I agreed. When something persistently nudges you to read something, do it! I had no idea this book would be just what I needed at the time. I'm not even entirely sure I know how to explain why, but I'll try ...

Annie has the world at her fingers. Literally. As a flight attendant with seniority, she gets to travel the global skies and spend time in gorgeous places. Like Rome, a special favorite destination. She's got a small circle of great friends, and a boyfriend who seems a dream come true. Then everything falls in pieces at her feet. The airline's purchased by another, and her job disappears. Too Perfect Boyfriend Stuart turns out to be, quite literally, too perfect to be true. Stranded in New York City without an apartment, what's a girl to do? Run home. Back to Kentucky, and the farm she grew up on.

After the bustle of life in the City, and the adventure of flying around the world, Annie has a hard time adjusting to the quiet rhythms of rural Kentucky. But the quiet is just what she needs, and soon she finds herself settling into a comfortable routine, aided in large part by reconnecting with childhood best friend Jake Wilder and getting to know her grandmother better. Not only is Annie able to repair old relationships, but she uses the respite to get to know herself better - rediscovering old passions and dreams, as well as finding new visions for the future. Her soul settles, her heart finds rest. And when it's time to make big choices, Annie is able to make a decision that both heart and mind find more than acceptable.

Annie's story is one that could be any girl's - finding herself jobless and heartbroken, returning home and finding new dreams in old familiar places. I could relate to Annie. I love the Kentucky setting - it's small town Southern enough to be familiar, even if it's a couple states away from what I know. And the supporting characters? Beulah (grandma) and Jake Wilder (the best friend) are awesome. Not to mention Woody, Lindy and the rest of the population. A comforting, familiar read that I am so glad I picked up.

Book provided by author for review.

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