TBR Readathon

Okay, so I'm not doing any official, year-long challenges this year, but Nancy has a fun month-long challenge that I'm definitely going to take part in ... especially since we're reading The Silmarillion together. All the "official rules" can be found here, and my TBR Readathon list is below ...

I'm splitting this list into three categories: Library, Review and Me, because several of the books I want to read are Library books that are/will come up during August. And those have due dates that need to be followed, even if you're staff. So ... Those sort of take top priority when push-comes-to-shove. Review and Me are self-explanatory: review books and just me books. Also, I've been all fancy-schmancy and added a GoodReads shelf widget to the sidebar, so you can see the books easier. And now ... the books!

Beautiful Day: Elin Hilderbrand
Frogged: Vivian Vande Velde
Gorgeous: Paul Rudnick
The Hero's Guide to Storming the Castle: Christopher Healy
Invisibility: Andrea Creme & David Levithan

Prophet: RJ Larson (this is actually a reread, because I want it fresh before I read the other two)
Judge: RJ Larson
King: RJ Larson

The Silmarillion: JRR Tolkien
The Moon and More: Sarah Dessen

I'm going to leave the official count at these ten. For the moment. Knowing there's a good chance some of my holds will come in during August, I'll add them to the GoodReads shelf as they arrive. And it's possible I may feel inspired to add a few other "random" books in the mix as we go. But for now, we've got a starting point. Yay! I like having my August reading worked out for me ... Join us?

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  1. A worthy list, and I like that you've split it into categories. I have to keep tabs on the library books on my list too... Some I can only keep for three weeks, no renewals. (Like The Moon and More, unofficially on my list too.)