Double Click

 Double Click
Lisa Becker

Remember the crazy adventures of Renee and her friends, told through emails (yay for modern epistolary novels!), in Click? Well, Becker has picked up where she left off and continues the saga. The drama. The mysteries. The surprises!

All our familiar character friends have returned, with a new addition (or two) to keep things interesting. Renee is still the peacemaker/center of this zany circle, and I really enjoy her as a character. Ashley and Shelley continue their barbed camaraderie and Mark seems to have met The One. But underneath and interwoven with all the friendly chatter (or catty gossip) that is exchanged virtually during work days and late nights, there are separate lives taking place. Moreso than in Click (to me, anyway), we get a better sense of the characters as individuals. They have ups and downs and secrets (oh, the secrets!) and even though it's obvious they're a super close-knit circle of friends, they're not together 24/7. And it's okay. It's healthy. Life is a personal adventure, and while our friends share it, they can't live our life and their own. (I apologize for that philosophical interjection in the review of a delightful fun read, but it seemed right, teehee).

A fun, quick read and a great follow up to Click, tying up loose ends and carrying the story forward. I did get slightly confused at points keeping up with who was emailing whom about what, but it's possibly a result of reading while slightly distracted at times (and it was never too hard to get my brain straight again).

eBook provided by author for review.

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